DoubleClick by GoogleDoubleClick by Google

The Goals

  • Generate revenue and monetize digital content across platforms
  • Distribute content as widely as possible
  • Maintain optimum user experience

The Approach

  • Distributed content via Android apps, YouTube and Google Newsstand
  • Improved mobile site speed using Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • Deployed DoubleClick to monetize across all channels

The Results

  • Double-digit traffic increase through Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • Over 2 million YouTube subscribers
  • Digital business up by 300%


Published February 2017

Digital transformation is central to Al Jazeera, and Google technology has helped accelerate its growth. Dedicated content reaches over 2 million subscribers through Al Jazeera’s YouTube channels, while Google Newsstand helps to widen distribution. Thanks to investment in and optimizations for mobile, users on mobile devices now make up over 70% of Al Jazeera's audience. Across all channels, the DoubleClick platform efficiently monetizes content.

We want to be a digital-first broadcaster – and that’s why we work hand in hand with Google.

Mr Ayman Chaar, Senior Executive, Programmatic Advertising, Al Jazeera