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The Goals

  • Increase Avon’s presence online in support of shift to e-commerce business
  • Complement ongoing display campaign with new innovative formats
  • Reach mobile-first women in Brazil for Black Friday promotion

The Approach

  • Leveraged Google and 3rd party audiences to reach desired audience
  • Implemented native ads alongside display campaign to run across devices and environments to ensure brand’s presence on all touchpoints across the consumer journey

The Results

  • +434% CTR vs. standard display ads
  • -88% lower CPC vs. standard display ads
  • -37% lower CPM vs. standard display ads


Published September 2017

When bookseller David H. McConnell founded the cosmetics company Avon in 1886, he immediately noticed the passion women had for his products, and how much they loved talking about the products with other women. This inspired McConnell to recruit his customers as Sales Representatives. This began Avon’s long history of empowering women around the globe.

Adapting to a mobile-first world

Avon has had a direct selling model since that time, which has been successful and has led to high brand recognition. But as consumer preferences and the world around them has changed, they needed to grow online.

For a Black Friday campaign in Brazil, Avon wanted to go beyond standard display banners to connect with their mobile-first audience in a less disruptive way that enabled them to promote their products within relevant content.


Innovating with native ads

Avon’s agency iCherry viewed saw this to be an opportunity to test native ads in DoubleClick Bid Manager. This would allow them to test an innovative format without compromising scale or performance. Native ads in Bid Manager gave Avon access to a number of exchanges and publishers through one platform.

Native is an excellent solution for everyone involved: The creative seamlessly blends with the content, so the user’s experience isn’t interrupted. This allows advertisers to add more value to their brand through storytelling at any scale. Native gives creative teams the chance to innovate and develop custom creatives that resonate with the user’s experience.

Mellina Azevedo - Specialists Manager from Agency I-Cherry

iCherry ran the native campaign across mobile web, mobile app and desktop, ensuring a wide reach across their target audience. They were able to target women 18 and over across Brazil by using Google data coupled with 3rd party audiences, deploying different creatives for each of their various product categories. The campaign ran for one week alongside their standard display initiatives.

Reaching results with native ads on mobile

Standard display ads accounted for nearly 86% of overall Black Friday impressions, but only 53% of overall clicks. By comparison, the native ad campaign executed through Bid Manager delivered impact and efficiency, driving a 434% higher CTR versus standard display ads. The highest CTR came from native ads on mobile apps, which had a 132% higher CTR than native overall.  The CPC for native was also 88% lower than standard display ads.

Go implement native. It's a unique ad format that impacts the user in a more natural and less invasive way. It helps to engage the user more with this native content in the environment, and this improves the audience’s experience.

Mellina Azevedo - Specialists Manager from Agency I-Cherry

Based on the success of their Black Friday campaign, iCherry has incorporated native into Avon’s ongoing digital strategy. Avon and iCherry recognize the importance of mobile apps for a mobile first audience. In future campaigns they plan to leverage the flexibility of native ads to customize the creative by audience and environment for a more content driven approach, which they expect will drive even better results.


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