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Published July 2016

To succeed, every digital marketing campaign needs efficient and effective bid management at its foundation. We’re excited to announce Smart Bidding on DoubleClick Search, so named to reflect the powerful machine learning behind it. Smart Bidding covers all conversion-based automated bidding in DoubleClick Search, allowing you to manage bids and bid adjustments automatically for better results.

Making bidding smarter for improved performance

Smart Bidding is built on Google’s deep experience using machine learning to determine the optimal bid and help you get more from your marketing budget. With Smart Bidding improvements, advertisers using Target CPA and Target ROAS in DoubleClick Search saw an average 16% lift in conversions at the same or better ROI.

Optimized bids, tailored to a user’s context

DoubleClick Search Smart Bidding enables you to tailor bids based on each user’s context. Smart Bidding includes important signals like like device, location and remarketing lists for better automation and performance.

We’re constantly exploring new signals that would benefit your campaigns. We recently added weekday seasonality, factoring in changes in consumer behavior throughout the week, and if you have an upcoming sales push, you’ll soon be able to incorporate promotional calendars to make the most of these events.

Flexible controls for your business goals

No one knows your business, and your business goals, better than you. That’s why we’re giving you the ability to input custom Floodlight variables into Smart Bidding strategies. Instead of general conversions, you can be more precise, adding information like “new customer,” “gold loyalty status” and “mobile device.” Each one of these can have their own ROI goal. This means your campaigns can target a $10 CPA for new customers and $5 CPA for existing customers, or aim for a 50% higher ROAS from your most loyal customers. We’ve also built bid strategy opportunities to help you find campaigns that are most likely to benefit from Smart Bidding. 

More transparent reporting

To help make bid strategies effective and easy to use, we’re launching an enhanced version of bid strategy health. The system continually checks your setup for known issues, and provides a one-click solution to implement fixes. This transparency can give you more confidence in your performance.

Read how AnadoluJet and eBags are already using DoubleClick Search Smart Bidding to drive better performance.

Learn more about DoubleClick Search Smart Bidding by visiting the Help Center and checking out our best practices.


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