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The Goals

  • Maximize number of visits and leads.
  • Deliver personalized messaging to each prospect.
  • Improve effectiveness of banners.

The Approach

  • Established dynamic ad creation strategies for acquisition and remarketing via DoubleClick Studio.
  • Updated ad content daily to reflect current inventory.
  • Ran A/B testing to compare performance and drive optimizations.

The Results

  • 35% increase in in site visit rate from acquisition campaigns.
  • 65% improvement in site visit rate from remarketing campaigns.
  • 47% growth in return on investment.


Published November 2015

French property developer Bouygues Immobilier needed a digital advertising solution that could keep up with its constantly changing inventory of residential projects, office buildings and business parks. For the brand’s digital agency fifty-five, the challenge was to provide a sustainable system for serving relevant ads throughout the year by dynamically adjusting ad content to the current property availability of Bouygues Immobilier.

“The issue of Bouygues Immobilier is special because there is no repeat business," explains Jean Neltner, co-founder and CEO of fifty-five. "The customer does not buy a principal residence every year, and the same applies in the case of a property investment. This is truly a one shot deal. Because the goal was to build a thread campaign throughout the year, we have created a dynamic device that can adjust to fit all situations.”

Every day, fifty-five received the Bouygues Immobilier product catalogue via an XML feed, which then populated a dynamic banner ad. A rules-based decision tree determined the custom messages that would appear in the banner. Via DoubleClick Studio, two dynamic creation strategies optimized performance depending on the context – acquisition or remarketing. If the user had not previously visited the site, fifty-five pushed a banner ad according to geolocation. And if the user had already viewed a property development on the site, the agency pushed a remarketing message to drive commitment.

A/B testing enabled fifty-five to compare the performance of dynamic banners versus standard banners and to conduct optimizations. Through these tests, the DoubleClick platform gathered real-time performance of different combinations of designs, including creative elements like button, color, slogan and call-to-action. For example, one test indicated that the phrase "Become an owner" in green performed almost three times better than "Discover the offer" in orange.

“Technology can identify how to address consumers and issue the right message,” says Samira Jai, DoubleClick sales manager at Google. “Ultimately, between customisation and testing options, we can get 15,000 possible combinations from just one set of four creatives. This is something that a human could not do manually.”

Dynamic banners to acquire new customers improved the site visit rate by 35%. In the remarketing campaigns, dynamic banners improved the visit rate by 65%, with a 60% increase in visits. On average, the dynamic banners’ click-through rate was 62% higher than standard banners, and up to 100% higher for the best performing creative. Overall, Bouygues Immobilier’s return on investment grew by 47%.


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