DoubleClick by GoogleDoubleClick by Google

The Goals

  • Find an easier way to see the end-to-end customer journey and make real-time decisions on advertising spend across multiple channels
  • Reduce time spent on administration tasks
  • Put a true value on display advertising and other hard to measure channels

The Approach

  • Consolidated the media mix across multiple channels using the DoubleClick platform
  • Used attribution to see the whole customer journey end-to-end

The Results

  • Citibank discovered that display advertising was involved in almost 50% of all online loan applications
  • Reduced cost per application of loans by 25%
  • Allowed Citibank to spend 30% less time on administrative tasks


Published September 2015

Citibank Australia, and their digital agency Columbus, wanted to have a unified view of the customer journey across all online media channels. Their approach allowed them to improve the ROI of their marketing programs, while increasing efficiency.

Since using DoubleClick Digital Marketing, we’ve seen fantastic results. We've created a 25% improvement in efficiency in our marketing spend. We’ve seen the CPA for search ads to drive retail activity reduce by 27%, and the overall search CPA reduce by 24%.

Peter Nagy, VP of Digital Marketing and Analytics at Citibank Australia


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