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The Goals

  • Maximize awareness
  • Reach the right audience with intelligent targeting
  • Drive traffic to Costa stores

The Approach

  • Used Business Chain targeting in DoubleClick Bid Manager
  • Served ads to consumers within 25 meter radius of a Costa or competitor store
  • Drove consumers to 2,000 Costa stores

The Results

  • 82% greater reach than previous approach
  • 60% decrease in CPM
  • 32% increase in click-through rate
  • 30% lift in engagements around competitor locations


Published January 2016

During the summer, Costa Coffee, the UK’s largest coffee shop, needed a way to remain relevant with consumers’ during the warm weather months when hot coffee consumption declines. With the help of ZenithOptimedia, Costa created a seasonal campaign aimed at encouraging young professionals to get out of the office, have a cold drink, and enjoy the weather.

To reach this audience on-the-go, Costa used Business Chain targeting in DoubleClick Bid Manager to reach young professionals located around Costa locations, and around the locations of competing coffee shops, to promote and build awareness of their Iced Fruit Cooler beverage. 

We were able to target people who were within a 25 meter radius of a Costa store or a competitor store. We served them ads to give our range top of mind, to drive them into our stores and also make them consider coming to Costa when they may be passing a competitor.

Kirstey Elston, Head of Marketing, Costa Coffee

With Business Chain targeting in DoubleClick Bid Manager, Costa increased reach by 82%, click-through rate by 32%, engagement near competitor locations by 30%, and lowered CPMs by 60%. 

We were happy we achieved what we needed to do for Costa Coffee,” says Tayo Ologbenla, Display Trading Executive at ZenithOptimedia. “It was amazing, the client was happy, we were happy and we used this new piece of technology that now is going to be used agency wide.”


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