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Published June 2016

Programmatic advertising accounts for 67% of all digital display ad sales.1 When you consider that data-driven creative is the creative powerhouse behind programmatic, and that 70% of a media campaign’s performance hinges on the creative2, it’s clear that knowing how to build data-driven creative is a must for any agency with an eye toward the future.

As important as data-driven creative is, adopting is easier said than done. As we outlined in our creative guide for marketers, an effective data-driven creative process requires collaboration with the brand, creative agency, production agency and media agency from the initial strategy phase to the execution.

Building off that research, we put together this toolkit for creative agencies, to make sure creative and production teams understand the data signals available and can incorporate them into their creative process. 

To track the five phases of the creative process and the roles and responsibilities of each party during the process, check out the creative process for programmatic infographic.

1 eMarketer, 2016
2 Internal data, Google Media campaigns, October 2015


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