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Published June 2017

At Google Marketing Next 2017, we took to the stage to share product updates that will help you transform your marketing. Watch the live stream recording and explore the collection of articles inspired by these talks to delve deeper into the insights, trends and innovations discussed.

Think about the most memorable ads in your lifetime — you’ll probably agree that it’s the story that makes an ad memorable, not the targeting or the media placement. Reach doesn’t matter if you’re not reaching your audience with engaging ads that resonate.

In digital, brands have been doing a fantastic job of using data to place ads and inform media targeting, but this kind of insightful segmentation isn’t driving plans for creative messaging. Content is becoming an afterthought, even though 75% of advertising impact is determined by creative quality1. It’s not enough to just build a great visual design or an engaging video — brands also need to build ads that give users a great experience.

Not all ads deliver a great experience today — sometimes they lead to annoyance or distraction. But we know that ads can be compelling, because millions of people who say they don’t like ads watch the Super Bowl just for the commercials. They're attracted to a creative idea, and they show this through many different forms of engagement such as searching for the brand, sharing the ad on social media or even discussing it with friends the next day. We want to bring that same level of engagement to digital.

Innovative creative experiences with programmatic

The promise of programmatic is reaching the right user at the right time, with the right message. However, it’s very difficult to launch innovative creative experiences that focus on the user and delight consumers at scale. Our goal at DoubleClick is to bring creative strategy back to the forefront by empowering brands to seamlessly design beautiful, relevant creatives that focus on the user’s experience and are respectful of their context and environment.

We recently announced component-based native ads in DoubleClick Bid Manager, which complement the user’s experience with ads that match the form and function of the page they're on. Brands can leverage integrated native experiences and precise audience targeting across mobile web, apps and desktop with equal ease. To help more marketers understand the opportunity with native ads, we’ve developed a new interactive tool you can use to visualize the possibilities with native ads across mobile, desktop and tablet alike.


Marketers often leverage high-impact formats and video to drive brand goals and increase engagement with consumers. We want to empower you to execute innovative high-impact campaigns alongside other buys, with the added benefits of precise targeting and integrated measurement. Our new Backdrop format is now in beta for mobile and desktop web. This high-impact format offers a smart and responsive skin that flexes to the publisher’s layout to create beautiful, brand-building ads.


Inspire — not tire — creative teams

We know that building high-impact creatives that respect the user’s context and environment isn’t always easy. Creative teams end up spending most of their time building multiple creative variations across multiple sizes. This leaves them with little time to align with the rest of the campaign team to develop the best messaging strategy.

We want to enable your creative team to focus their time on designing better ad experiences. Google Web Designer is a free, professional-grade HTML5 authoring tool that enables technically sophisticated ad creation and delivery. Web Designer allows you to author responsive creatives, giving your creative team the ability to make a single creative that can run anywhere, saving your team time to focus on creative strategy.


Throughout the year, we'll be introducing new workflow tools and bringing more creative formats to programmatic so that we can make it easier for you to deliver great ad experiences at scale. You'll see that all of these innovations align with some of our core principles:

  1. Made for mobile first
  2. Optimized for user experience
  3. Built to scale across exchanges and publishers

At DoubleClick, we want to make it easier for brands to leverage proven data-driven strategies to build memorable ad campaigns that resonate with consumers, all while respecting the consumer’s context and environment — at scale.

By Steve Suppe, Product Marketer, DoubleClick Creative Solutions

1 Ipsos Global Creative Database 2014


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    At Google Marketing Next 2017, we took to the stage to share product updates that will help you transform your marketing. Watch the live stream recording and explore the collection of articles inspired by these talks to delve deeper into the insights, trends and innovations discussed.

    There are more opportunities to enjoy video than ever before. We’re able to watch great content wherever, whenever and however we want, from the small screens in our pockets to the large screens in our living rooms. We’re no longer bound to set viewing schedules — but this means advertisers don’t always know how or where to reach their audience.

    Making the most of every screen starts with an approach to planning and measurement that helps you understand where your audiences spend their time. To make this process easier, we’re working to make DoubleClick Bid Manager a more versatile tool for your planning and measurement needs, so you can reach your audience.

    Smarter planning in DoubleClick Bid Manager

    The programmatic revolution has focused on combining data, machine learning and automation to drive better performance. However, few of these benefits have carried over to the world of media planning. To help save you time and improve performance, we’re bringing the power of machine learning to campaign planning with a new workflow in Bid Manager. 

    Bid Manager uses machine learning to analyze your past campaigns and understand what's performed well for you before. With these insights, it will recommend the right inventory and targeting to reach your audience based on your unique marketing goals. The result is an optimized media plan tailored to your business, which you can then tweak, approve and activate with one click.

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