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The Goals

  • Find high-quality video inventory for branding campaigns
  • Add reach while controlling frequency limits
  • Distribute impressions across multiple products
  • Meet and beat Unilever Mexico’s already high ad view completion rates
  • Streamline campaign implementation for reservations

The Approach

  • Used Programmatic Guaranteed from DoubleClick to ensure delivery
  • Partnered with Televisa for premium content and priority access to inventory
  • Used data and analytics to target the right audiences

The Results

  • 82% view rate on mobile (up from 50% previously)
  • 91% view rate on desktop (up from 58% previously)
  • 23 second average viewable time on all guaranteed inventory
  • Reduced campaign implementation time from 2 days to a few hours


Published September 2016

Cadreon, Unilever Mexico and Televisa team up to improve video ads completion rates by 32% with Programmatic Guaranteed

It’s an old problem: You have a top agency looking for premium video inventory for a leading marketer, while a premium broadcaster wants to secure ad sales for thousands of hours of original programming across web and apps. Each offers what the other needs, but how do you bring these potential partners together? 

For the media agency Cadreon Mexico, the answer was Programmatic Guaranteed from DoubleClick. Cadreon helped Unilever Mexico run key brand campaigns with Televisa, Mexico's leading producer of premium content. Programmatic Guaranteed enabled Cadreon to assign impressions, based on audience signals, to multiple Unilever Mexico brands. The streamlined process improved view rates, increased operational efficiency and allowed Televisa and Unilever Mexico to reach more of their audience with more relevant messaging.

At Unilever Mexico we have been working together with our agency, moving towards media consolidation and buying automation. We have already seen the potential of Programmatic, to reach the right audience with the most efficient frequency. Cadreon saw the opportunity to migrate our traditional buy with Televisa to programmatic which allows us to better optimize the inventory, with amazing results.

Marcelo Rivero, Media Director at Unilever Mexico & Caribbean

Right audience, right ad

Televisa offered Unilever Mexico a unique opportunity to reach highly targeted and loyal audiences (more than 70% of viewers in sports and telenovelas) with a tailored message. When running ads for Axe body products, Unilever Mexico needed to reach young males, and Televisa's soccer and sports programming are a perfect fit. Similarly, morning shows like Hoy offered a platform for audiences interested in Knorr food products. And Televisa's famous telenovelas were just right for Dove and Sedal.

A win-win deal

With Programmatic Guaranteed, Cadreon could buy large amounts of Televisa inventory and then redistribute the impressions to each of Unilever Mexico's product lines, depending on which content had the best audience match. 

Programmatic was a win-win for both partners. It allowed Unilever Mexico to reach their quality inventory goals with a guaranteed number of impressions, while Televisa secured sales for their most valuable inventory. As they achieved their individual marketing goals, both were also able to reduce the operational steps needed to implement these campaigns.

With Programmatic Guaranteed, we reduced operating time that can now be spent in analytical initiatives, which contribute also to improve results for both the advertiser and the publisher.

Orlando Uribe Marin, Digital Sales and Operations Director, Televisa

From the media side, by using DoubleClick Bid Manager, Cadreon automatically matched portions of Televisa inventory with each of the unique Unilever Mexico brand audiences. As the campaigns progressed, Cadreon and Unilever Mexico were able to analyze and optimize in real time for better results.

Now when users visit to watch their favorite shows and highlights, they see mid-roll brand ads of :10, :30 or even :40 seconds for Unilever Mexico products. Integration between Televisa’s DoubleClick for Publishers and Cadreon's DoubleClick Bid Manager helped deliver results with very little additional effort.

More video views

Bringing Unilever Mexico and Televisa together with Programmatic Guaranteed led to great results for everyone:

  • An 82% view rate on mobile, on average. This was a 64% increase over the 50% view rate from Unilever Mexico’s previous campaigns.
  • A 91% view rate on desktop, on average — a 56% improvement on the 58% view rate from open exchange video.
  • A 23-second viewable time, on average, compared to 13 seconds from other video ad exchanges.

Beyond the numbers, Televisa was able to cut the time it spends administering campaigns and monetizing its content, and Unilever Mexico exceeded its campaign goals while also gathering better data to help it plan future campaigns.

Programmatic has become the main platform for any digital strategy given its high segmentation capabilities. The new solution from DoubleClick, Programmatic Guaranteed has given much more value to the Publishers data, and it can be reflected in the quality of our buys and above all the centralization of media for a better controlled digital reach.

Adolfo Lopez - Cadreon Operation lead at Mexico


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