DoubleClick by GoogleDoubleClick by Google

The Goals

  • Connect brands with eBay's audience of engaged users
  • Measure the impact of retail advertising on shopping behavior dynamics
  • Facilitate the collation and use of audience data

The Approach

  • Adopted DoubleClick for Publishers
  • Implemented programmatic trading through DoubleClick Ad Exchange
  • Introduced native advertising on mobile

The Results

  • 70% of ads on eBay are now traded programmatically
  • Google's contribution to eBay revenue has significantly increased in last three years
  • Mobile ads currently outperform those on desktop by a factor of four


Published March 2015

As the branch of eBay responsible for connecting brands to the platform’s audience of engaged consumers, eBay Advertising embraced programmatic trading by adopting DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick AdExchange. Delivering scale and reliability, DoubleClick solutions have enabled eBay to access and make smart use of audience data to consistently improve performance and revenue

Over the years, DoubleClick has become the benchmark for ad serving products for two reasons: scale and reliability.

Phuong Nguyen, Director of Advertising, eBay


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