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The Goals

  • Tackle problem of scarcity of inventory.
  • Monetize valuable first-party data.
  • Enable advertisers to reach affluent global audience of Economist subscribers.
  • Efficiently drive additional subscriptions.

The Approach

  • Used seamless integration between DoubleClick for Publishers and Doubleclick Bid Manager to retarget first-party data across the web.
  • Ran Audience Extension both for clients and to promote Economist brand.
  • Reached consumers on new formats such as video.

The Results

  • 90% year-on-year growth in Audience Extension sales.
  • 50%+ of programmatic revenue comes from Audience Extension and audience-targeted offerings.
  • Retargeting delivered 7 million new readers to Economist website (surpassing goal of 650,000)
  • Converted 5,000+ readers into subscribers (surpassing goal of 2,000)"


Published August 2016

Serving an affluent global readership, The Economist was facing a scarcity of supply in terms of inventory, typically selling out 4 out of every 12 months of the year. By using Audience Extension with DoubleClick, The Economist is now able to reach its audience across other publishers, bundle these impressions with its own inventory and resell those packages to direct advertisers at a premium. 

Over 50% of our programmatic revenue comes from Audience Extension and audience-targeted offerings that we've built around our data and the capabilities of DoubleClick Bid Manager.


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