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Published April 2016

By Sarah Sluis, AdExchanger

In a major change to its DoubleClick for Publishers ad server, Google will bring in the real-time bids of a publisher’s outside exchange partners to its dynamic allocation product.

The feature addresses a key problem that led to the rise of header bidding, essentially doing away with Google's previous policy where it only allowed its ad exchange to compete for each impression.

In the past, Google’s ad server merely estimated what an outside exchange could bring in, and did not let them submit bids for every impression. That dampened yield as ad network spend gave way to programmatic. Header bidding solved for DFP’s deficiencies by soliciting bids before the ad server call, finally allowing bidders to compete on actual price, not an estimate.

Exchange partners participating in the pilot program include Rubicon Project and Index Exchange. Publishers include, Hearst, Meredith and Zillow.

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