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The Goals

  • Increase programmatic revenue by exposing more inventory at high priority.
  • Provide preferred buyers & remarketers with access to premium users.

The Approach

  • Implemented DoubleClick for Publishers First Look, an easy to setup feature that requires no publisher code changes, to give trusted programmatic buyers access to 100% of their inventory.
  • Leverage proprietary data repository including data from DoubleClick for Publishers and Ad Exchange to determine optimal price floors for programmatic advertisers.

The Results

  • Gannett has seen a 15% lift in eCPM in their programmatic revenue.


Published May 2016

Gannett, a leading media and marketing company, has unparalleled local-to-national reach with more than 95 million unique visitors accessing content monthly on their iconic news brand USA TODAY, and across their 100+ local media organizations.

With advertisers increasingly turning to programmatic buying, Gannett saw a sharp growth in programmatic demand for the top one percent of their audience. To effectively capture this demand and maximize their programmatic revenue, Gannett turned to DoubleClick for Publishers First Look.

Giving programmatic advertisers priority access to premium inventory

First Look enabled Gannett to give trusted programmatic buyers the opportunity to bid on 100% of their inventory -- even ahead of sponsorships and reservations.

In order to do this, the team first set out to understand what the pockets of high-value inventory on their properties were, and which advertisers were likely to buy them programmatically at the desired price points. DoubleClick Ad Exchange provided Gannett the transparency they needed across their open and private exchange transactions to help them understand their inventory performance and value. Combining their Ad Exchange data with their direct sold campaign data from DoubleClick for Publishers, Gannett uses their proprietary data repository to identify buyers who are buying at high frequency and set price points across their entire network.

Growing revenue with minimal complexity

Based on this better understanding of their inventory and the demand for their audiences, Gannett leveraged First Look to provide select partners programmatic access to the top one percent of their audience. The best part --- setting First Look up was incredibly easy, requiring no code changes and adding zero latency across all their channels and formats.

First Look has been a great compliment to our monetization [strategy] and our ad stack. Since implementing it, Gannett has seen a 15% lift in eCPM of our programmatic channel.

Tim Wolfe, VP of Revenue Operations, Gannett


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