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Published May 2017

At Google Marketing Next 2017, we took to the stage to share product updates that will help you transform your marketing. Watch the live stream recording and explore the collection of articles inspired by these talks to delve deeper into the insights, trends and innovations discussed.

Transparent and comprehensive measurement gives advertisers full sight into the impact of their marketing. But reliance on last-click attribution poses a challenge. A holistic, cross-channel view of what’s driving your marketing performance is key to understanding how to value each customer touchpoint. 

We have two new launches to help every business, large or small, solve the attribution challenge. On Tuesday, we announced Google Attribution, a new free product to help marketers measure their campaigns. Now, to meet the needs of our largest advertisers, we’re launching an updated version of our enterprise offering: Google Attribution 360.  

Just like with the free product, Attribution 360 is an easy to set up, actionable, cross-channel, cross-device attribution tool. It’s also highly customizable, so you can get a view of your marketing performance that aligns with how you view your business. The updated version of Attribution 360 is currently in beta, and will roll out to more advertisers over the next few months. 

Fast setup for higher productivity

Enterprises shouldn’t need a team of data scientists to implement a better attribution model, or wait months to get results. That’s why we’ve built a frictionless system that lets you quickly set up your Google Attribution 360 account.

Attribution 360 integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics, DoubleClick Campaign Manager, DoubleClick Bid Manager and DoubleClick Search. You simply link your accounts and receive all your marketing event data in Attribution 360 within 48 hours — no need for retagging and no data loss between systems.

Tackling the attribution challenge with flexible data

Data sits at the core of the attribution challenge. For marketing analytics to provide powerful and actionable insights, they must be rooted in accurate and comprehensive data.

Attribution 360’s rich set of data management features allow you to connect all your external data sources. With enhanced preview capabilities, in-product data quality reporting and the ability to reprocess the numbers if you make setup changes, Attribution 360 provides the tools you need to ensure high-quality and complete data.

Measuring the impact of TV

Since many marketers leverage TV to reach their target audience, understanding the performance of TV ads is critical for determining overall marketing success.

TV attribution in Attribution 360 lets you measure TV effectiveness as easily as you measure digital. Available directly in the Attribution 360 UI at no extra cost, the TV attribution feature draws in minute-by-minute digital and broadcast data to show how your TV commercials drive cross-channel performance.

Tools that transform insights into action

Insights are only valuable if you can put them into action. We’re making it easy for you to apply insights from Attribution 360 to optimizing your marketing through key features, integrations and support.

A host of new programmatic connections allows you to enhance your bidding strategy and reporting by sending data directly to bidding systems so your media buys use the most accurate attribution data. The in-product Digital Optimizer lets you explore a variety of optimization scenarios to inform future marketing investments and make your media more effective and efficient.

Attribution 360 in action

UK-based insurance comparison site,, used Attribution 360 to increase paid search conversion. They leveraged the tool to uncover how people really interacted with’s marketing messages and what drove customers to convert.

By revealing how each search keyword impacted the customer journey, could align their bidding strategy to improve the return on investment of their paid search. This lead to a 28% increase in quote requests at a lower cost per acquisition.

Sophia Glennon, PPC Manager at, couldn’t be happier: “With careful data analysis and insights from Attribution 360, we’ve increased our quote volume and lowered our overall cost per acquisition. We’re now able to re-invest what we’ve saved back into paid search and put real pressure on our competitors.”

Prioritizing solutions that help drive your performance

Holistic insight into marketing performance is critical for enterprise businesses. By investing in simple and flexible solutions that help you understand the impact of your campaigns, we aim to solve the attribution challenge and empower your team with the right data to improve your marketing.


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Fueling your growth with a scalable platform

    At Google Marketing Next 2017, we took to the stage to share product updates that will help you transform your marketing. Watch the live stream recording and explore the collection of articles inspired by these talks to delve deeper into the insights, trends and innovations discussed.

    At DoubleClick, our clients include the world's largest and most sophisticated advertisers and agencies, so we're always looking for new ways to enhance our platform to help drive growth and efficiency. This means giving you the tools that let you scale and customize your marketing in a way that suits your business needs.

    Empowering marketers with smarter automation

    Despite the growth of programmatic, many marketers still feel the pain of manual processes, and this is particularly true for bidding. They run their campaigns, review reports, adjust their bidding strategies and repeat — all manually.

    Automation offers a solution. We’ve rebuilt Automated Bidding from the ground up to tap into Google's machine learning, giving marketers better results when they set bids automatically by analyzing dozens of signals.

    Not only does this remove the manual labor from the bidding process, it leads to more effective bids. Buyers set their bidding goals — such as maximizing number of clicks, conversions or viewable impressions — and DoubleClick bids strategically towards achieving these goals.

    Automated Bidding is now available in all DoubleClick Bid Manager accounts.

    Making automation work for you with Custom Algorithm

    Every brand has campaign goals specific to their business. When automation blends with customization, you’re best positioned to achieve the objectives that matter most to you.

    DoubleClick’s new Custom Algorithm solution lets you customize the DoubleClick Bid Manager algorithm to improve your strategy based on proprietary data and models. By leveraging your historical data, you can increase the likelihood that your ads are served to the most relevant, high-value audience for your specific objectives.

    Google’s internal media buying team leveraged Custom Algorithm for the launch of the Pixel phone. Building on insights from past campaigns about the audience they wanted to reach, they used Custom Algorithm to increase the number of viewable impressions bought on premium placements.

    The results were impressive. When compared to other campaigns that didn’t use Custom Algorithm, impressions on premium inventory more than tripled and viewable CPM fell 34%.

    We’re launching Custom Algorithm in limited beta in June 2017 and will expand availability towards the end of the year.

    Tools to work smarter, not harder

    Automated Bidding and Custom Algorithm are designed to help evolve your campaign strategy based on specific goals that work for your business. Along with Bid Multipliers, another new feature coming to Bid Manager, they help you scale and ensure your productivity remains high.

    Bid Multipliers allow you to set different bids for six dimensions — including device, site, audience lists, demographics, location and time of day — all within the same line item. This means you can tailor your bids to deliver the most value, without needing to build new campaigns. For instance, if you discover your mobile users are converting at a higher rate than desktop, you can easily and efficiently bid higher for impressions on mobile.

    We'll roll out Bid Multipliers to all DoubleClick Bid Manager accounts over the next few months.

    We understand the leverage you gain when we invest in tools that give you greater efficiency, and we’ll continue to enhance our platform to help you achieve scale as your business grows.

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