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Published July 2016

This deep dive into the global programmatic video market includes the latest on several key themes including: the growth of direct deals, the best ways to reach viewers on mobile and cross-screen, tips on brand safety and avoiding ad fraud and the state of video viewability on YouTube and across the web and apps globally.

Brands want to be where the people are. And today, people are watching video on everything from the five-inch screen in their pockets to the big screen in their living rooms. Advances in programmatic technology have made it easier than ever for brands to connect with people across devices as they watch premium video and TV content. 

Programmatic video impressions are growing as broadcasters and premium publications make more high-quality inventory available. And brands are taking notice. Of the Ad Age Top 100 advertisers, 85% bought programmatic video on DoubleClick Bid Manager in 2015—and they bought over 590% more programmatic video impressions in 2015 than they did the year before.1

The full report below details how advertisers, agencies, broadcasters, and media companies are currently using programmatic video. We also break down video spam rates by exchanges and video viewability by country. Globally, YouTube viewability grew to an industry leading 93% in 2016, up from 91% in 2015.2 While across the web and apps, video viewability grew from 54% in 2015 to 66% in 2016. See how those numbers compare by country and devices by downloading the PDF below.


1 Google and DoubleClick advertising platforms data, Q4 2015 over Q4 2014

2 Google and DoubleClick advertising platforms data, April 2016


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