DoubleClick by GoogleDoubleClick by Google


Published June 2015

By Tim Peterson, AdAge

All of the devices people use to browse the web pose a problem for advertisers and the companies trying to sell them ads: They don't know whether an ad someone saw on one device led to a product purchase made on another device.

Google and Facebook have solved this problem for ads served on their own sites, and now Google is applying the fix to more of the ads it serves on others' sites.

Google began measuring cross-device conversions in 2013 for its AdWords ads, which are the search ads that appear on Google's sites and that can be syndicated as display ads across Google's network of third-party sites. Now Google is adding the more traditional ads it serves on others' sites and mobile apps to the mix. That means advertisers will get a better idea of whether the banner ads they're buying all over the desktop and mobile web led to a product purchase or some other conversion, even if that conversion happened on a different device from the one on which the person saw the ad.

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