DoubleClick by GoogleDoubleClick by Google

The Goals

  • Improve digital budget return on investment
  • Maximize the number of conversions on all devices
  • Save time for more analysis and optimization

The Approach

  • Applied Smart Bidding with target cost per acquisition
  • Optimized the campaigns' structure by the agency

The Results

  • Conversions globally increased +35%
  • Cost per action decreased by 13%
  • Increased mobile conversions by +17% while keeping the same cost per action
  • 20% lower cost per action on remarketing audiences


Published September 2016

Launched in 2013, Hello bank! is the digital direct bank owned by BNP Paribas, one of the world’s largest banks. Due to the highly competitive nature of new client acquisitions for the digital banking sector, paid search is core to Hello bank!’s marketing operations. It’s a key touchpoint in the journey of financial product research, regardless of the screen, which has positioned paid search optimization at the core of Hello bank!’s strategy.

With deep digital performance expertise, Havas Media France remains at the forefront of the industry thanks to its intrinsic readiness to embrace new technologies. Havas Media has a long history working with Hello bank!. Keen to improve Hello bank!'s conversions volume, Havas Media has leveraged DoubleClick Search potential to optimize bids and maximize performance.

Automation allows more time for strategy 

To help Hello bank! achieve their goals, Havas Media aimed to maximize new financial product subscriptions under a specific cost-per-acquisition (CPA) constraint. To do this, Havas Media relied on performance bidding technology within DoubleClick Search, which provided a centralized means to create, manage and track campaigns across multiple search engines. Havas Media configured a CPA-based Smart Bidding strategy, an automated, goal-driven solution that grouped together multiple campaigns, ad groups and keywords.

DoubleClick Search helped Havas Media to save time for more analysis and optimization.

The power of DoubleClick Search and the expertise of Havas Media have enabled us to increase our Search campaign performance on all devices and get a more holistic view of our investment.

Ariel Steinmann, Head of Digital Marketing, BNP Paribas & Hello bank!

Increasing subscriptions while decreasing cost per subscription

With conversions being reported in real time, DoubleClick Search enabled Havas Media to make bid adjustments up to four times per day if required, facilitating quick reactions to TV campaigns and traffic changes. Thanks to Havas Media’s structure optimization and bid automation, Hello bank!’s subscription volume increased by 35% over the previous two-month period while reducing the cost per action by 13%1.

Smart Bidding was then applied to remarketing bid modifiers, helping to reduce the cost per action by 20% while re-engaging these audiences. Havas Media plans to capitalize further on the DoubleClick Search bidding capabilities, automating the adjustment of remarketing bid modifiers based on the historical performance of each audience list.

Optimization for mobile conversions 

DoubleClick Search can optimize bids on mobile, based on device performance. By implementing this solution, Hello bank! increased their mobile subscriptions by 17% while reducing the cost per action by 3%1.

Doubleclick Search bidding algorithm shows great performance, helping us strongly increase the number of subscriptions for Hello bank! while achieving business performance goals. The technology also gives us the possibility to automate time-consuming tasks and to A/B test different ad formats or landing pages to improve general performance.

Claire Jounot, Team Lead, Havas Media

In the future, Hello bank! plans to implement DoubleClick cross device conversions. Mobile continues to reshape how consumers engage on digital. Even — or especially — for their banking, people are increasingly turning to the nearest device to search. DoubleClick cross-device conversions will help provide Hello bank! with a holistic view of the funnel by attributing more conversions to mobile.

1Analysis made by comparing two periods with the same Gross Rating Point regarding offline media


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