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Published September 2015

By AdExchanger

"On TV and Video" is a column exploring opportunities and challenges in programmatic TV and video.

Today’s column is written by Jason Miller, Director of Product Management, Brand Measurement at Google.

I'm often deeply impressed by the creativity of TV ads. I loved the sentimentality of P&G's "Thank You, Mom" ads, the humor of Dodge Durango's Ron Burgundy ads and the absurdity of Old Spice's "Dadsong" ad.

Ads like these win industry awards, attract positive press coverage and generate excited social media chatter. While some ads are immediately successful, it is not known how effective most campaigns are until weeks – or even months – after they run.

This is a measurement challenge that will be solved through more census-based measurement.

Advertisers Need Mid-Campaign Feedback

Too much of the approximate $70 billion in TV ad spend, in the US alone, is based on annual media mix models. Clearly, advertising produces great results for some brands. P&G estimated that its "Thank You, Mom" campaign for the 2012 summer Olympics resulted in a $500 million sales lift. And when Ron Burgundy played a starring role in Dodge Durango ads, the SUV brand saw a 59% increase in year-over-year sales.

But faster measurement insights could be game-changing. What if a $500 million sales lift could be optimized to a $600 million sales lift, or if a 59% increase could be optimized to a 75% increase? Or, what if advertisers had access to insights that would help them intervene and turn around a poorly performing campaign?

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