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The Goals

  • Engage the right people with precise targeting
  • Access premium, high-quality inventory at scale
  • Empower buying team with efficient workflows

The Approach

  • Leveraged first-party audience lists with Programmatic Guaranteed in DoubleClick Bid Manager for precise targeting
  • Bought YouTube Reservation inventory with Programmatic Guaranteed to reach a broad, premium audience

The Results

  • +25% increase in video viewability to 85% viewable through Programmatic Guaranteed
  • Drove incremental reach across vital first-party audiences


Published April 2017

Founded in 2009, data firm i360 provides data analytics, grassroots technology and digital marketing guidance to organizations within the free market political advocacy space.

“We have a simple goal: empowering our clients through data and technology,” says Brian Presher, Director of Digital Marketing at i360. “We help clients get the most from their outreach efforts — everything from knocking on doors to running ads on national television — by identifying prospective supporters, understanding what they care about and delivering messages that inspire action.”

i360’s rich data set, incorporating survey results, publicly available data, predictive models built by their in-house data scientists, and more, helps their clients reach millions of potentially interested U.S. adults.

Turning data into value

However, high-quality data only adds value when applied strategically. So in 2014, i360 adopted DoubleClick’s integrated solutions for accessing premium advertising inventory and running campaigns across multiple screens and formats. They now use programmatic technology in DoubleClick Bid Manager to streamline media buys, negotiate direct deals with premium publishers and connect with the right audience at the right moment. DoubleClick Campaign Manager gives them an all-in-one dashboard for adapting strategy on the fly and tracking success across publishers.

i360 increased reach against their first-party audiences on quality inventory, boosting viewability to 85% while generating a 72% video completion rate.

DoubleClick’s support of first-party data enabled i360 to use their own custom lists to restrict ad impressions to a very specific audience.

“This strategy works incredibly well from an accuracy standpoint, but it drastically limits an ad campaign’s reach,” Presher notes.

To tackle this limitation, i360 turned to Programmatic Guaranteed deals in DoubleClick Bid Manager, which now offers the ability to target (or exclude) first-party audience lists. This allowed i360 to increase audience reach by sourcing inventory from multiple partners using a single consolidated process. Publishers could forecast against i360’s audience lists (which were shared securely and in an anonymous format), reserving impressions for those users only. This gave i360 access to both premium inventory and their desired audience.

The targeted strategy worked. They increased reach against their first-party audiences on quality inventory, boosting viewability to 85% (a 25% increase from previous campaigns) while generating a 72% video completion rate.

Getting broader reach with precision

First-party data enables i360 to focus with great precision on the audiences that matter most to their clients. But limitations of data-matching technology can create a gap between desired reach and available online targets. To broaden their reach, i360 used DoubleClick Bid Manager to find and reserve relevant, high-quality inventory, including premium YouTube content, that attracts their target audience.

i360's approach is a great example for how to achieve both precision and reach.

Megan Gabby, Account Executive at DoubleClick

This strategy allowed i360 to add their first-party data to a broader set of premium inventory. The campaign’s viewability and incremental reach overcame the higher CPMs on the premium inventory, which helped them keep average cost-per-viewable-complete below their benchmark of $.04.

“i360 was one of the first DoubleClick customers to use Programmatic Guaranteed with audience lists and with YouTube reservation inventory,” says Megan Gabby, Account Executive at DoubleClick. “Their approach is a great example for how to achieve both precision and reach."

A one-stop shop for all marketing needs

To ensure campaigns stay up to date, i360 constantly swaps out creatives and makes changes on the go. “The structure we’ve established allows for immediate changes within DoubleClick, regardless of a programmatic or reservation based buy,” Presher says.

Presher and his team also appreciate the unified point of access for all of their ad formats, publishers, vendors and reports. 

Reducing a 10 publisher-deal into one simple workflow saves countless hours of back and forth with publishers.

Brian Presher, Director of Digital Marketing at i360

More than just a convenience, DoubleClick’s fully integrated stack has translated to better results for i360 and its clients. By consolidating video campaigns through DoubleClick, i360 gained access to premium publisher inventory that yielded a 25% increase in viewability over programmatic performance from the same campaign.

“We’re able to consolidate inventory negotiations, internally traffic ads and analyze real-time campaign results across multiple publishers,” Presher says. “Reducing a 10 publisher-deal into one simple workflow saves countless hours of back and forth with publishers. Plus, it’s easier to make sense of reports when they’re in a consistent format and all in one place.”



i360 helps brands win through the strategic use of data. It leverages data science and a comprehensive database of all 18+ American consumers to help its clients get the most impact from their data insights.

Offering services in data science, analytics, technology development and advertising, i360 empowers brands to reach the next level by embracing the concept of truly borderless data.

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