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The Goals

  • Generate more relevant traffic and increase the average time spent on Le Petit Marseillais website
  • Optimize SEA investment

The Approach

  • Use Google Analytics site engagement metrics: sessions longer than 2 minutes
  • Set action (i.e. conversion) as a session longer than 2 minutes
  • Implement cost per action (CPA) bid strategy to SEA campaigns

The Results

  • Increased total sessions longer than 2 minutes by 19%
  • Decreased cost per session by 21%
  • Increased global conversion rate by 27%


Published November 2017

Le Petit Marseillais is part of Johnson&Johnson and is the number one body wash brand in France. Their paid search strategy is based on generating brand awareness and traffic by covering generic skin care keywords.

With deep digital performance expertise, IPG Mediabrands France remains at the forefront of the industry thanks to its intrinsic readiness to embrace new technologies. Keen to improve Le Petit Marseillais online traffic, IPG Mediabrands has leveraged DoubleClick Search and Google Analytics integration to bring more relevant traffic to Le Petit Marseillais.

DoubleClick Search provides us with the technology and the support we needed to manage awareness campaigns with performance KPIs. Following our success, we will implement this approach with other brands.

Gaetan Chambet, Head of Paid Search, IPG Mediabrands

They aimed to maximize the number of visits longer than two minutes generated by non-brand keywords under a specific cost-per-acquisition (CPA) constraint. To do this, IPG Mediabrands relied on Google Analytics metrics and bidding algorithm within DoubleClick Search. DoubleClick Search bidding algorithm is based on Machine Learning technology, analyzing billions of signals to better predict the conversion rate of each keyword.

DoubleClick Search helped us optimize our acquisition cost, while providing the best possible brand experience for the most interested Le Petit Marseillais consumers.

Pascal Le Clainche, Digital Marketing Director, Johnson & Johnson

19% more relevant visits and optimized investments

Before applying the bidding algorithm to campaigns, IPG realized that generic keywords represented 64% of clicks and generated sessions that last on average 45 sec (vs. 158 sec for brand keywords). They defined a conversion as a session that lasts at least 2 minutes and then applied DoubleClick Search bidding algorithm to maximize the total number of conversions.

In less than a month, conversions, i.e. sessions above 2 minutes, increased by 19% while cost per conversions decreased by 21%.

Going forward, IPG is closely monitoring performance and using DoubleClick forecasting features to constantly reduce cost per conversions while keeping a good volume of relevant traffic.


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