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The Goals

  • Improve digital budget’s return on investment.
  • Drive conversions.
  • Save time on repetitive tasks to focus on innovation and strategy.

The Approach

  • Synchronised DoubleClick Search with all search engine accounts.
  • Leveraged DoubleClick Search advanced campaign management features.
  • Automated bid optimization on target cost per acquisition.
  • Developed granular account structure.

The Results

  • Generated 29% increase in conversion volume while achieving business performance goals.
  • Made significant efficiency gains, enabling more time for analysis and strategy.


Published June 2015

A financial client set iProspect France the challenge of gaining more conversions whilst managing costs. The client had a large TV and online campaign in the pipeline and wanted to maximize impact. With a plan of targeting non-brand keywords at a specific cost per acquisition, iProspect implemented DoubleClick Search. This made it possible to test strategies, manage multiple search engine accounts and produce reports efficiently through a single tool.

DoubleClick Search’s advanced campaign management functionalities and flexible reporting options helped iProspect to efficiently manage complexity. These efficiency gains allowed us to invest time in deep-dive analysis and advanced bid strategies.

Vincent Cézard, Head of SEA, iProspect France


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