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Published December 2016

Want to review a new digital camera, get gift ideas, or buy tickets to the next Morrissey concert? If you're in Indonesia, KASKUS is your place. 28 million unique users buy, sell, talk and share information on the site each month, making it the country's largest user-generated content publisher.  

With so many users, KASKUS recently faced a growing challenge: how to serve ads that are relevant to users’ age, gender and interests? 

As KASKUS is the leading digital community and social commerce platform, our vision is to drive data-driven monetization by making our first-party audience data actionable, we want to give advertisers ways to perform better in our sites and increase the effectiveness of our impression-based ads.

Ronny W. Sugiadha, Chief Marketing Officer for KASKUS

Sugiadha and his team wanted to create an audience segment that had a high demand among advertisers: users who had shown interest in mobile devices and were more likely to purchase them. 

KASKUS turned to Sparkline, a Google Analytics 360 Services and Sales Partner, who worked with them to approach the challenge to serve the most relevant ads. The process went from an advanced Google Analytics 360 implementation, to segmentation analysis and audience sharing with Doubleclick for Publishers

How well did the new audience work compared to its old open-auction inventory in the Doubleclick Ad Exchange? 

Using the Google Analytics 360 audience segment sharing feature in DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange, we doubled our CTR and saw a 3.3X CPM uplift on audience-targeted Ad Exchange inventory. We are looking forward to even more positive impact moving forward.

Ronny W. Sugiadha, Chief Marketing Officer for KASKUS

To learn more about how KASKUS achieved those results read the full case study


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