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The Goals

  • Provide advertisers access to premium audiences.
  • Book and manage campaigns more efficiently.
  • Deliver performance gains through expert optimization.

The Approach

  • Show advertisers the value of premium programmatic.
  • Provide integrated programmatic solutions with Programmatic Guaranteed.

The Results

  • Increased campaign performance from custom optimizations.
  • 2-3X CTR increase above Preferred Deals and Private Auctions.


Published January 2016

Kijiji wanted to show their clients the power of reaching custom audiences programmatically. Using Programmatic Guaranteed gave Kijiji an efficient and flexible tool to deliver their advertisers a solution with higher performance, in addition to guaranteed rates and volumes. "It's helped Kijiji sell more of the audience story." Chris Quinn, Head of Advertising Operations, Kijiji

Programmatic Guaranteed is a viable solution for clients and advertisers who want to spend programmatically but are looking for the benefit of us helping optimize performance.

Alan Maitland, Head of Sales, Kijiji


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