DoubleClick by GoogleDoubleClick by Google

The Goals

  • Support Lancôme "Energie de Vie" product launch through an awareness and consideration programmatic campaign
  • Make data actionable through a unified data-driven approach
  • Deliver personalized messages based on historical data and live campaign insights

The Approach

  • Consolidated all different data sources (1st & 3rd parties, Google audiences) in one place to identify core target groups
  • Maximized awareness through YouTube, premium deals, display and video real-time bidding inventory and search
  • Extended campaign reach through look-a-like segments similar to their website visitors
  • Retargeted users that engaged with the display and video ads and invited them to request a product sample online

The Results

  • Identified 6 different core target groups, and delivered 32 different creative messages
  • Achieved 80% view-through rate with private deals on premium inventory
  • Received 12,000+ free sampling requests


Published October 2016

L'Oréal Germany successfully supported the launch of the new Lancôme's skincare product range through a data-driven integrated campaign across YouTube, premium display and video inventory and Search. They identified insights and combined them with the different data segments provided by DoubleClick to define six core target groups and adapt the creative strategy accordingly.

The intelligence of precision advertising is to find new relationships to consumers. We can now deeply understand what consumers engage with and precisely deliver on that.

Andreas Neef, Media Director L’Oréal DACH


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