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Published November 2016

This article is part of a collection on data-driven creative. Explore the collection to see what's possible when data and creative come together to build more relevant and effective campaigns.  

Great marketing isn’t just efficient: it’s memorable and personal, rising above the noise. In our partnerships across brands and industries, we've seen the key to creating a standout campaign is data. When data inspires creative, technology and audience targeting, campaigns become more relevant — and much more effective.

As a brand marketer, you should take the lead to bring teams together because nobody understands your brand better, nobody has a more nuanced understanding of your target consumer, and nobody is better equipped to communicate your creative vision. Put data in your toolkit, and your brand becomes not just memorable, but unstoppable.

Matt Lawson, Director of Marketing, Performance Ads, Google

Understanding the power of data, we wanted to showcase more of its potential so more brand managers could be inspired by data for their next campaign. We worked with Think with Google, AdWords and Google Analytics 360 to develop an immersive series of tips that reveal new, dynamic strategies to implement data. Whether your goals are driving sales, increasing subscribers or lifting brand awareness, data leads to better marketing for your brand and the people you're trying to reach.

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See for yourself. Explore the tips to get #InspiredByData and witness what's possible in data-driven marketing.


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