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The Goals

  • Increase brand recognition
  • Grow website traffic

The Approach

  • Built and tested creatives using DoubleClick Creative Solutions
  • Bought media programmatically using DoubleClick Search and DoubleClick Bid Manager
  • Used DoubleClick Campaign Manager for trafficking, attribution and producing cross-device reports

The Results

  • Conversion paths originating on mobile increased by 70%
  • Click-through rate increased by as much as 85% on mobile
  • By narrowing the distance to a real-time location, click-through rate increased by 78%
  • Location-based audience data outperformed other data segments by 43%
  • 87% of display traffic came from mobile devices during campaign


Published September 2016

As a producer of impact protection for mobile devices such as cases, covers and screen protectors, tech21 wanted to boost brand awareness in two phases — first in the lead-up to Christmas and then again to tie in with the launch of the Samsung S7 handset. Together with digital agency Tug, tech21 established brand recognition and growth in website traffic as key performance indicators.

Eye-catching executions through DoubleClick Creative Solutions

The campaign centered on engaging, rich media executions served across all devices. Because tech21’s products are particularly relevant to mobile users, it was critical that the creatives looked great on every device. By using DoubleClick Creative Solutions, Tug could not only be sure that the ad quality was always perfect, but could also adjust messaging according to specific placements and publishers as and when required.

Using targeting to reach consumers intelligently

With DoubleClick Bid Manager, the team was able to use location data to target users in a real-time locations (such as in proximity to a store selling tech21 products) and to target audience groups based on third-party historical location data (such as business travellers who frequently passed through key transport stations). In the second phase of the activity, Tug also targeted new Samsung S7 owners as soon as they’d opened their new handset.

A key part of the tech21 campaign was to target mobile app users on specific phone carriers at exact proximities around key locations in major UK and US cities. DoubleClick allowed us to do this accurately and efficiently, and the results from this exceeded KPIs beyond what we believed was possible.

Hannah Thompson, Programmatic Lead, Tug

Smarter decisions thanks to cross-device reporting

With the campaign’s emphasis on brand awareness, the team opted to buy the majority of media through private marketplaces in order to maintain optimum efficiency and quality of impressions. They used DoubleClick Search and DoubleClick Bid Manager to make programmatic buys across both search and display, and used DoubleClick Campaign Manager for attribution and tracking the campaign, including not just search and display but also other channels such as social.

DoubleClick Creative Solutions allowed us to develop bespoke audience-led rich media creatives, whilst DoubleClick Campaign Manager enabled us to stitch together our search, programmatic, video, mobile and paid social activity. The final cherry on the cake was granular reporting, including cross-device reports, which highlighted the importance of mobile in the path to purchase.

Ollie Vaughan, Head of Paid Media, Tug

An emphasis on mobile 

A critical benefit to using DoubleClick Campaign Manager was the ability to produce cross-device reports to inform media buying decisions. For example, with tech21’s products designed specifically for mobile, it made sense that optimizing for mobile performance should be a key focus. When the team saw 25% of conversions starting with a mobile interaction early in the campaign, they decided to double down on the mobile strategy. Combined with site optimizations, this approach produced a 70% increase in conversion paths originating on mobiles — a significant impact on sales not often seen in a campaign primarily focused on branding.

Thanks to optimizations fueled by cross-device reporting, the campaign performed well against all of Tug and tech21’s key performance indicators. With location-based audience data outperforming other data segments by 43%, the team found that narrowing the distance to a real-time location increased the click-through rate by 78%. In the course of the campaign, the click-through rate increased by as much as 85% on mobile, with 87% of display traffic coming from mobile devices. 

The integrational benefits of using the full DoubleClick stack, combined with the top class media buying and creative development by Tug, was a perfect partnership that allowed for tech21 to meet and beat the KPIs set for this campaign.

Jack Neilan, Brand Marketing Manager, tech21


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