DoubleClick by GoogleDoubleClick by Google

The Goals

  • Ensure clients’ messages are actually seen by consumers
  • Make sure clients aren’t wasting budget by paying for ads in the wrong regions
  • Protect brands from running ads next to inappropriate content

The Approach

  • Use Active View to gain insight into the % of ads that are seen
  • Leverage geo-targeting insights to verify accurate campaign delivery
  • Use ad blocking to proactively prevent ads from appearing next to harmful or inappropriate content

The Results

  • Fully integrated media planning, buying, measurement and optimization
  • Prevent budget waste by blocking ads on unwanted content and in wrong regions
  • 48 hours of turnaround time saved per campaign


Published February 2015

MEC, the fifth-largest media agency in the world, is committed to keeping its clients a step ahead of the competition. Built on a reputation for pushing the limits of digital technology, MEC offers end-to-end traditional and digital media services that include planning, buying, and analytics. 

With an infinite amount of content online, a need for brand safety 

When purchasing and managing digital media, MEC’s goal is to ensure the highest-quality, most relevant and cost-effective buys for its clients. However, the growing range of digital formats, inventory sources, and types of buys has added lots of complexity to the ecosystem. MEC needed a way to make sure that their clients’ messages only appear next to brand appropriate content and that their marketing dollars are well spent.

Buying digital media is much more complex than it used to be. Transparency into where ads are serving is critical to ensuring our ads are being served in the right place, and next to the right content.

Nick Foord, Analytics Consultant, MEC

Protecting brands and ensuring smarter media buys 

In order to make sure campaigns serve as intended, MEC adopted the DoubleClick Digital Marketing platform. With DoubleClick Verification built right into the platform, the MEC team is able to manage all client data across search and display in one, unified place. “The workflow is the best in the market. It’s quick and easy to dive into data at a very granular level and see how people interact with our media. The scale and depth of what DoubleClick can do is huge,” says Foord.

With many global clients, ensuring ads run only in the right regions is important. They can do that with DoubleClick Verification, which gathers geo-targeting insights available by country, state, or designated market area. For example, one of their large retail clients wanted to focus exclusively on marketing to customers in the UK. Any time that client’s campaign served ads outside the UK, MEC was immediately alerted, enabling them to take action and prevent budget from being wasted. In addition to making sure that ads run in the right regions, it’s crucial that that MEC clients’ ads are actually being viewed. In a recent study using Google data, it was found that 56.1% of all ads served are not viewable. With Active View, Google’s ad viewability metric, built into DoubleClick Verification, MEC can confirm that ads not only displayed properly, but that they were actually seen by human beings. 

Turning brand safety insights into action 

With the huge volume and variety of content across the web, MEC faces a growing challenge to make sure its client’s messages appear only in safe surroundings. “Showing up in an inappropriate place online can really damage a brand’s reputation,” says Steve Richards, Digital Technology Manager. 

With ad blocking in DoubleClick, MEC is able to proactively stop client ads from serving next to inappropriate content. For example, they can now ensure that ads for a big healthcare client don’t inadvertently appear on any web page with adult content. DoubleClick analyzes content at the URL level in order to prevent the healthcare firm’s campaigns from serving on any website with content that is categorized as “adult.” 

For MEC, the risk that’s averted goes beyond immediate needs around brand safety for a campaign. For example, in Europe, strict piracy and content infringement laws can also put an advertiser in serious legal or financial jeopardy. Ad blocking can help avoid those pitfalls before they become a problem. 

Ad blocking has removed a huge amount of risk for use, and allowed us to take a proactive approach to protecting our clients’ brands.

Steve Richards, Digital Technology Manager, MEC

Ready for whatever comes next 

With assurance that messages are seen in the correct regions, ideal formats, and surrounded by safe content, MEC is able to deliver great results for its clients. Every media buy is now smarter, safer and more cost-effective than before. 

The biggest impact of DoubleClick Verification, says Foord, is that MEC has moved from a reactive to a proactive strategy for protecting clients’ brands. Instead of doing damage control when something slips through, ad blocking helps make sure clients are never at risk to begin with. And, because DoubleClick Verification is integrated into the ad server, there is no extra tagging or work required. This saves MEC 48 hours of turnaround time on each campaign, increasing the agency’s efficiency and ensuring that campaigns begin on schedule.

MEC is excited about the future of digital media, and confident that DoubleClick will help them make the most of whatever comes next. “Digital media continues to evolve and innovate faster and faster,” says Richards. “This time next year will be completely different. But, we know we can count on DoubleClick to make sure our media buys will always be top quality.”


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