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The Goals

  • Increase revenue
  • Improve efficiency of ad management

The Approach

  • Shift to PPC advertising
  • Implement DoubleClick Ad Exchange
  • Focus on optimization

The Results

  • eCPM up by 600%
  • Advertising revenue up by 900%


Published October 2014

In 2004, mixi, Inc. launched Japan’s first social network service (SNS), which was called mixi. It was designed to be a comfortable communication platform that connects people. Then in 2013, the company released its next big hit, a smartphone role-playing game called Monster Strike. 

There have been a lot of big changes in the online advertising landscape since mixi was founded a decade ago. The market has shifted from a “pay per impression” to a “pay per click” (PPC) model, and with the proliferation of smartphones, mobile is now as important as desktops. Adtech Group Manager Shinya Takimoto realized that mixi was being left behind by these changes and needed to adapt. After speaking to industry peers, he recommended that mixi put Google products at the heart of their PPC strategy.

Integrating for success

Mixi started its shift to Google technology with Google AdSense, and optimized ad placement on its site. After seeing initial success, mixi switched to Google’s DoubleClick Ad Exchange platform to gain more control over how they sell their inventory. “Thanks to Google’s tireless support, this migration process was seamless,” says Shinya, “and the results were spectacular.” 

DoubleClick Ad Exchange made it simple for mixi to see how campaigns were performing, and to optimize their performance in real time. Shinya explains, “Ad Exchange lets you set separate price floors for each ad unit. By looking at our performance reporting, the mixi team is able to see which units are getting the highest click-through rates, and increase the bid price range for these accordingly. 

With Ad Exchange we were able to ensure prime screen real estate commanded the premium price it deserved

Shinya Takimoto, Adtech Group Manager, mixi Inc

Results that speak for themselves 

By September 2014, the company’s revenue per 1,000 page impressions or eCPM had increased by 600% year on year, and ad revenue was up by 900%. With its high availability and massive demand, Ad Exchange provided mixi with a platform to fully capitalize on the work it had done optimizing ad placement. And best of all, says Shinya, “Because Ad Exchange makes ad management so simple, we achieved all this without diverting our limited IT resources away from product development. DoubleClick Ad Exchange allowed our small team to cut operating costs and boost revenue much better than we ever could have with traditional advertising.”


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