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The Goals

  • Effectively monetize consumer shift to mobile
  • Maximize advertising yield

The Approach

  • Adopted DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange
  • Implemented Native Ads on DoubleClick in mobile apps

The Results

  • CPMs increased up to 120% in the US and UK
  • Net revenues grew 100%
  • User experience across mobile apps significantly improved


Published October 2015

A classified search engine for property, jobs, cars, products and holiday rentals, Trovit launched in 2006 and is now present in 45 countries across five continents. The 100% digital company needed to address consumers’ rapid shift from desktop to mobile. With mobile accounting for over 50% of total traffic in some countries, improving the revenue from advertising on Trovit’s mobile properties without sacrificing user experience became a key focus.

Trovit turned to DoubleClick to effectively deliver and scale native ads across its mobile apps. What started as an experiment in two markets quickly expanded to eight. With Native Ads on DoubleClick, Trovit grew CPMs by up to 120% in some markets, driving net revenue growth of over 100%. 

There were a lot of solutions we could have chosen. We decided to use native ads to improve customer experience, and we’ve stuck with it because of the results it delivers.

Juan Ramón Diaz, Mobile Product Manager, Trovit


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