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Published May 2016

People are consuming information in more places than ever before --- smartphones, laptops, websites, apps. And they expect great experiences at every destination, whether content or ads. To help publishers meet these expectations, we’ve extended DoubleClick’s native solutions to all screens, on the web and in apps.

Publishers can now easily scale fully responsive native ads to every device and user context. Advertisers simply provide a set of components -- image, headline, CTA, etc. -- and DoubleClick automatically compiles ads that fit the form and function of the publisher’s site. The net result: better user experiences and higher performing ads.

Experience the responsiveness of Native Ads on DoubleClick

To see how Native Ads on DoubleClick respond to different screens, open this demo on a mobile or tablet device, or simply drag the corner of your desktop browser. Each post in the demo links to more insights about Native Ads on DoubleClick.

Still need a reason to go native?

As a publisher, building smart, responsive ads ,websites and new app interaction models is the first step to improving user experiences on mobile. DoubleClick helps you with the second --- building a seamless, sustainable, responsive advertising strategy that also respects the user’s context.

Many publishers, such as eBay and Trovit, have already experienced tremendous success with DoubleClick’s native solutions. Seamless, sustainable, and scalable, Native Ads on DoubleClick ensure better user experience across all screens and contexts.

Check out the demo to see Native Ads on DoubleClick in action.


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