DoubleClick by GoogleDoubleClick by Google

The Goals

  • Increase brand awareness against competition
  • Grow sales efficiently while keeping costs low
  • Increase visibility for top brands

The Approach

  • Implemented DoubleClick Search
  • Used real-time bid strategies alongside Google Merchant Center
  • Launched inventory-aware campaigns to update search ads with current product information

The Results

  • Revenue increased by 28%, while costs grew by only 22%
  • Cost per sale decreased by 5%
  • Reduce CPC up to 30%


Published January 2017

Yourposition is a search, analytics and strategy agency based in Switzerland, and nettoshop is a leading Swiss retailer providing a wide variety of household appliances with a focus on low prices, professional advice, simple ordering and reliable delivery and installation services. From 2014 to 2015, due to an increasing number of competitors entering the market, bidding on brand keywords had become 141% more expensive for nettoshop, while revenue driven by these keywords had increased by 26%. 

Facing this challenging business environment and fierce competition for brand keywords, both nettoshop and Yourposition set out to grow revenue in proportion to investment. As a means to improving search marketing efficiency in this way, the decision was made to implement DoubleClick Search.

Our corporate philosophy means we explore new horizons and encourage innovation. DoubleClick helps us to achieve these ambitious goals with incredible opportunities.

Roman Schmid, Manager Marketing Online,

Smarter bidding through DoubleClick  

nettoshop was already a user of Google Merchant Center, a tool that helps retailers upload store and product data to Google and make it available to Google Shopping. Having this automated feed of product inventory already set up meant Yourposition could use it to initiate real-time bidding strategies in DoubleClick Search. The new approach also removed the manual management of keywords, prices and stock changes for the more than 19,000 products in the nettoshop range. Following the implementation, keyword bids were adjusted four times per day, automatically keeping bids and keywords aligned with available products. This meant that budget could be matched to the items that were in stock and allocated in a way that would have the greatest effect.

After a three-month test phase of using DoubleClick Search for inventory bid management, a range of positive results began to emerge. The ability to manage large amounts of search data with a few simple clicks meant that Yourposition could use agency time more efficiently on tasks including creative development and strategy. Integrations with all search engines and Google Tag Manager – Google’s tag management system that enables simple updates to tags across sites – further allowed the account team to focus on activities that would drive higher returns for nettoshop.

Easy handling with detailed, efficient bid management and clear control of complex campaigns is a blessing in day-to-day business. Through automated processes, DoubleClick Search frees up valuable time for developing the strategic aims of our customers. This allows us to achieve tremendous performance improvements. A good investment.

Jennifer Loaiza, Head of Digital Advertising, Yourposition AG


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