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Published August 2016

In 2015 alone the number of Programmatic Direct deals on DoubleClick Ad Exchange tripled, and more than 90 brands in the Ad Age 1001 Global Marketers list executed Programmatic Direct deals on Ad Exchange. To help advertisers and publishers execute more premium and higher value campaigns with Programmatic Direct, we announced our investment in Programmatic Guaranteed, a new way of transacting reservation deals programmatically between DoubleClick Bid Manager and DoubleClick for Publishers. Today we’re expanding its functionality with three new product innovations for both buyers and sellers.

Programmatic Guaranteed with Audience Lists

First, we’re bringing audience list guarantees to enhance Programmatic Guaranteed deals. This means buyers can securely reach their own audience lists on a deal, achieve guaranteed access to premium publisher inventory and increase their reach compared to targeting in an open auction campaign. Publishers can then estimate impression volumes against those lists using DoubleClick for Publishers and guarantee they only send impressions that match the buyer’s target audience.

For example, if you’re an airline looking to generate more signups for your frequent flyer program, you could exclude existing members from your ad buy. Or you could specifically reach members for a promotion to buy new merchandise using miles — without needing to email or share first party data with a publisher.

One of our initial partners, Netflix, has seen positive results:

We're excited by the opportunities enabled through Programmatic Guaranteed with Audience Lists on DoubleClick Bid Manager. We've been running tests to exclude our subscribers in acquisition campaigns and we're pleased with the initial results. We look forward to experimenting with new ways to use Programmatic Guaranteed with Audience Lists.

Kathy O'Dowd, Global Director, Programmatic Marketplace & Channel Development at Netflix

Programmatic Guaranteed now available to 3rd party demand side platforms

Advertisers using other buying platforms, beyond DoubleClick Bid Manager, will be able to find and buy their desired audiences on brand safe publishers using DoubleClick for Publishers. As Programmatic Direct continues to grow, publishers are looking for more opportunities to connect and transact with Guaranteed Deals. That was our goal when we launched Programmatic Guaranteed on DoubleClick Bid Manager, and now we’re extending it to other demand side platforms. 

Execute Deals via Tag Guarantees in DoubleClick Bid Manager

Lastly, soon advertisers will be able to run programmatic deals on all inventory, regardless of the publisher’s ad server, using Tag Guarantees deals directly in DoubleClick Bid Manager. This will allow you to run reservation campaigns together with programmatic buys. By consolidating your media buying in one place, you can more easily control frequency caps across all your campaigns and customize your messages based on audience signals.

Amnet Australia is one early testing partner that has seen major benefits:

We’ve been able to centralize online video activity for our clients thanks to Tag Guaranteed. With the use of data we have been able to provide unparalleled value to Dentsu Aegis Network clients. Brands are now able to connect with their target audience with far greater efficiency across digital screens.

Nic Hawley, National Head of Screens from Amnet AU at Dentsu Aegis Network

The entire media sales ecosystem, programmatically connected

Today, the media buying and ad sales ecosystem is built on relationships. As buyers and sellers are increasingly realizing the benefits of using technology to help discover and execute their deals, there’s a need to combine the benefit of one-to-one relationships with the scale of data-driven buying. Programmatic Direct is helping to solve this.

In the future, we believe that programmatic platforms will serve to connect every piece of the advertising ecosystem. By harnessing the power of data, the discovery of inventory and audiences will be seamless, and all buyers and sellers will be able to find each other and users more easily. Programmatic Direct will help make finding and building new relationships happen faster and simpler.

If you’re interested in exploring new adoption trends, find out more with the State of Programmatic Direct research.

To learn more about these capabilities, reach out to your DoubleClick Sales Representative.

1DoubleClick Ad Exchange data, Oct 2014-Dec 2015. Minimum $1K spend.


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