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The Goals

  • Better understand how a digital campaign performs by using in store transaction data
  • Link online to the offline customer journey
  • Create more specific audience segments based on how customers prefer to buy
  • Tailor strategies to reach the most valuable consumers whether they buy online or in store

The Approach

  • Used Conversions API to combine online data with offline transaction activity into one omni-channel report
  • Used insights to optimize strategy for increased in-store and phone purchases

The Results

  • 44% increase in attributed purchases to video campaigns
  • Discovered new powerful insights: offline and online purchases follow the same day-of-week pattern


Published April 2017

Office Depot has invested heavily in their digital advertising campaigns, but they wanted to find out how much these can influence sales outside of the web experience — namely, in stores and over the phone. With the help of their partners at the marketing agency Merkle, Office Depot set out to solve this challenge by comparing the different offline customer experiences to see how they are influenced by digital ads. By understanding this connection better, they hoped to increase Office Depot’s total sales volume and customer base. 

Connecting the dots

Without the critical link between in-store and online data, Office Depot couldn’t get a clear picture of their customers’ journeys. While they suspected that many in-store and phone purchases began with online research, they needed to connect the dots to prove this theory. 

By using DoubleClick Conversions API, we're able to build a clear picture of our customers' omni-channel interactions, enabling us to leverage digital communications to drive both online and offline transactions.

Justin Potts, Sr. Director Digital Marketing - Office Depot

To find these connections, Office Depot turned to DoubleClick’s Conversions API to get a comprehensive view of their customers’ online and offline behaviors. This API allowed Office Depot to match these behaviors to how customers prefer to buy office supply products.

Getting the full picture with Conversions API

DoubleClick’s Conversions API lets brands securely connect their offline conversions — such as phone calls and in-store purchases — to their digital advertising programs. This way, Office Depot was able to measure when an online visit resulted in an in-store or phone purchase. With this information, Office Depot could tailor their digital marketing strategy to drive more people to buy either in-store or over the phone. This way, Office Depot could determine the most effective marketing tactics to engage the specific audiences they needed to reach, and customize their targeted messages based on the different values and characteristics of their users.

We've been able to successfully use the DoubleClick Conversions API to make the promise of digital personalization a reality, driving 1-to-1 communications with our customer across our eCommerce and retail channels.

James Daugherty, Sr. Program Manager, Display Media - Office Depot

Driving more customers to stores

Thanks to Conversions API, Office Depot was able to reduce guesswork and make better empirical decisions. They could see what online behaviors lead to actual sales, and uncover insights to better guide their creative and programmatic strategies across display and video.

Using this data-driven approach, Office Depot was able to attribute 44% more purchases to their video campaigns. They also discovered powerful new insights about their target audience — such as the fact that offline and online purchases follow the same day-of-week pattern. With these kinds of data driven insights, Office Depot will be able to make the most of their online messaging no matter where it reaches their customers. 


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