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The Goals

  • Increase productivity to efficiently scale labour costs and resources
  • Drive stronger client ROI

The Approach

  • Utilized automation to increase productivity
  • Implemented bid strategies in DoubleClick Search to drive increased ROI

The Results

  • Saved 3-5 hours per week on reporting and monitoring tasks
  • Improved ROI 2-3 fold across multiple campaigns


Published November 2015

The challenge: Drive client ROI without increasing costs

Founded in 1998, Performics is a global performance marketing agency that provides paid search, natural search, social, display, affiliate and mobile marketing solutions. The Singapore office heads the APAC region, operating in 9 markets with 300 employees and managing clients including major airlines, e-commerce retailers, hotel chains, insurance companies and car manufacturers. To efficiently scale their business, Performics required a marketing technology platform that would help them increase their productivity as well as the effectiveness of their clients’ online marketing spend.

Successful digital campaigns involve extensive reporting and gleaning insights from analytics. On top of this, there's pressure to constantly drive the client's ROI. “One of the things we do is ask our employees, what have you done today to move your client’s business forward?” says Gareth Mulyran, Chief Executive Officer, SE Asia at ZenithOptimedia.

However, to take on new clients and continue to offer them the same high standard of service was putting pressure on their hiring costs, and in the highly competitive Southeast Asian labour market finding and keeping strong digital talent is expensive. Essentially, Performics needed to find a solution to streamline their workflow and boost client performance while not adding to their recruitment costs.

Utilizing automation to increase productivity

For Performics, the ability to automate many functions increases productivity, especially when dealing with the complex campaigns run by their big clients. “Working with an airline client you have to be on your toes, it’s a very competitive market,” says Tanvee Gupta, Senior Manager at Performics. “The account has more than one million keywords, which makes manual optimization nearly impossible. I also activate at least 1 to 2 promotions every week for the client and the bulk upload, scheduled edits and rules features has made my work a lot faster. I now create these promotional campaigns in advance and do not need to manually pause or activate them.”

Lowering the time it takes to create and access reports allows employees to easily share valuable data insights with their clients. Once an executive report has been created, it can be run instantly or scheduled to run as often as it’s needed, and DoubleClick Search can automatically send a link to the report when it's ready that can be shared with clients, executives, or even other people who do not use DoubleClick Search. “The executive report functionality has helped me automate reporting and saves me at least 3 hours every Monday, which gives me more time to look into the data,” says Gupta.

Driving improved client performance with the Performance Bidding Suite in DoubleClick Search

The Performance Bidding Suite (PBS) in DoubleClick Search automates bidding by collecting and acting on real-time data in order to maximize search campaign performance. The tool is designed to understand a marketer’s unique goals, get conversion information in real-time, and regularly adjust bids throughout the day to meet those goals. In addition, PBS reacts quickly to changes in campaign performance that may result from events like a new competitor entering the market or sudden spikes in demand due to or external effects like the weather, in order to deliver ROI.

By implementing PBS for an e-commerce client through DoubleClick Search, Performics was able to connect with a more targeted audience and improve their client’s ROI.

Bid strategies smartly optimizes bids for non-converting keywords. It focuses efforts on converting keywords and capturing searchers who are more likely to convert. As a result, our CPA has decreased by more than 50%.

Christine Tan, Manager, Performics

Improving client performance is an ongoing objective and DoubleClick Search allow Performics to easily tweak their bid strategies to maximize results. “Bid strategies have helped increase our client’s search ROI by 2 to 3 fold across multiple campaigns,” says Tan. “The ROAS rule is easy to assign and adjust with bid strategies and has proved to be a very effective and significant factor in the improved performance of this account.”

DoubleClick Search allows Performics’ employees to see real results and measure how they’ve moved their client’s business forward. “What’s great with the technology and tools is they’re able to give that insight, so our employees can go home at night knowing they’ve sold so many seats on planes, so many rooms in hotels or so many brochures for cars,” says Mulyran.

An innovative future

As online marketing evolves and transforms, it's becoming increasingly important to drive client performance without significantly adding to operating costs. To future proof their business, Performics require a partner who brings together technology solutions and an understanding of client's needs.

Supported by Google, DoubleClick Search has the ability to easily integrate further services and functions into their offering. This creates an evolving platform that won’t become outdated and require migration to another system. This is especially important to Performics as they can concentrate on finding client solutions without disruption.

Our agency is in an ever evolving world where speed, efficiency and accuracy are becoming more and more important. How well our tools and partners are automated in delivering that efficiency becomes absolutely critical. We can see it happening in the search world and we’re not going to be throwing people at it, it’s going to be tools that achieve this efficiency. Working with DoubleClick to get there now, and in the future, is vital.

Gareth Mulyran, Chief Executive Officer, SE Asia at ZenithOptimedia


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