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The Goals

  • Increase quality leads and visits to
  • Improve cost per lead
  • Update CRM data to connect online leads with offline sales

The Approach

  • Implemented always-on programmatic strategy, serving data-driven creatives through DoubleClick Bid Manager
  • Developed detailed CRM funnel and data integration in Google Analytics 360
  • Used DoubleClick unified stack for remarketing and prospecting
  • Optimized costs using automated bidding strategies

The Results

  • Increased quality leads by 101% and offline sales by 19%
  • Reduced bounce rate by 25%
  • Improved click-through rate by 17%
  • Improved cost per lead by 43%


Published March 2018

As Europe’s third largest automaker, Peugeot wanted to increase car sales in Turkey and expand the brand’s potential customer base while decreasing the cost per lead. This meant the team needed to find smart ways to reach consumers who were interested in buying a new car as well as those who had already visited a Peugeot dealer or the brand’s website.

The Peugeot team understood the importance of linking consumers’ online and offline activity in order to make smarter marketing decisions. With this in mind, they were looking for a solution that could connect leads in their CRM database with any offline sales taking place within their dealerships. They believed that gaining this fuller view of the entire customer journey would help them drive both quality leads and future sales.

Peugeot adopted the DoubleClick full stack, including DoubleClick Bid Manager, DoubleClick Search, DoubleClick Campaign Manager, DoubleClick Studio and Google Analytics 360. An always-on programmatic strategy using DoubleClick’s unified technology platform allowed Peugeot to serve data-driven creatives, segment and target audiences most valuable to the brand and automate bidding strategies for optimal cost efficiency. Meanwhile the seamless integration between Google Analytics 360 and DoubleClick made it possible to merge online and offline CRM data to develop a consolidated view of the customer journey.

Using DoubleClick, we were able to deliver a more seamless customer journey across multiple digital touchpoints, while using Google Analytics 360 allowed us to directly measure car sales.

Atakan Demirci, Head of Digital, OMD Turkey

With a newfound ability to see the single view of the user journey from an impression to a real car sale, Peugeot in Turkey has recorded exceptional results. Quality leads are up by 101% and offline sales have increased by 19%. The bounce rate has fallen by 25%, while the click-through rate is up by 17% and cost per lead has improved by 43%.

With the full DoubleClick and Google Analytics 360 integration, we’ve managed to improve qualified traffic and therefore bounce rates. This has resulted in a greater click-through rate, more qualified leads and longer browsing sessions.

Barış Yüceokur, Digital Marketing Supervisor, Peugeot Turkey

Looking forward, Peugeot hopes to make further use of the data enabled by their new approach to develop deeper insights and stronger marketing decisions.


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