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The Goals

  • Increase the efficiency of direct sales.
  • Reduce the amount of manual processes for our ops teams.
  • Show advertisers the value of programmatic premium.

The Approach

  • Implemented Programmatic Guaranteed to reduce manual processes and allow buyers to optimize their campaigns across all their inventory.

The Results

  • Saved 60% of the effort to set up campaigns.
  • Increased time available to build and grow advertiser relationships.


Published January 2016

Postmedia was looking to increase the efficiency of their direct sales business and turned to Programmatic Guaranteed to help. By using Programmatic Guaranteed they were able to reduce the amount of manual processes involved in setting up reservation deals freeing up additional time to focus on growing and building their advertiser relationships.

With Programmatic Guaranteed, we're saving 60% or more of the effort required by our teams to set up campaigns.

Tony Patel, Vice President, Monetization and Programmatic Trading, Postmedia Network Inc.


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