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The Goals

  • Increase revenue by maximizing advertiser ROI
  • Capitalize on the shift to mobile

The Approach

  • Use DoubleClick for Publishers to segment their always-connected audiences
  • Extend their audience reach with DoubleClick Bid Manager, precisely connecting with those audiences off of Priceline’s network programmatically

The Results

  • Increased advertiser conversion rate
  • Decreased advertiser churn


Published April 2017

A trailblazer and leader in the online travel space for more than 15 years,’s marketing team connects advertisers like airlines, hotels and car rental companies with high-value travelers to, ultimately, drive transactions. Since its inception, the company has used DoubleClick to serve ads and monetize their online properties.

Staying competitive in a mobile world

As consumers continue the shift to mobile, Priceline wanted to capitalize on this global trend to grow their advertising revenue.

“Our clients were looking to reach an increasingly mobile audience, and we looked to DoubleClick for the right technology to meet our ambitious goals.”

Maryellen D’Aiuto, VP Online Marketing,

Working closely with the DoubleClick team, Priceline adopted a two-pronged strategy:

  • Use DoubleClick for Publishers to segment their always-connected audiences

  • Extend their audiences with DoubleClick Bid Manager, precisely connecting with those audiences off of Priceline’s network with programmatic buying

When it all clicks

Many of Priceline’s advertisers are looking for very specific inventory. Airlines, for example, want to reach and transact with consumers in the market for flights. If a consumer researched a flight on Priceline but didn’t complete the transaction, Priceline would’ve lost the opportunity to drive conversions for their airline partner.

Today, things are different. Priceline can segment these in-market flight seekers more effectively in DoubleClick for Publishers and extend their reach to these audiences, getting that airline partner’s messages to them programmatically, across devices, even outside Priceline’s network with DoubleClick Bid Manager. The net result: increased conversions for their advertising partners.

Driving ROI for advertisers

As mobile use continues to grow, Priceline now has a robust program to drive advertiser ROI, which is critical in an increasingly competitive, online travel market. Thanks to a refreshed strategy from DoubleClick, Priceline is meeting the changing needs of advertisers — reaching high-value, always-on audiences at the right time with the right message.


Further reading:

“Making mobile work” for the advertising industry

    Today, almost 50% of the US population has a smartphone1 and one in five webpage views now occur on mobile devices.2 Even though consumers have quickly incorporated these devices into their daily routines, advertisers haven’t necessarily followed suit. While a few of the savviest advertisers are taking advantage of the multiscreen opportunity, it’s time that the entire industry think critically about how to make mobile a first class citizen in their campaigns. 

    One key aspect of “making mobile work” is using mobile-compatible ad creative; HTML5 creative works on smartphones, tablets and desktops, allowing advertisers to build a single ad unit that can run across all screens. By using HTML5, advertisers open the door to cross-screen branding opportunities, as well as enable publishers to monetize their highly-trafficked mobile properties. 

    To call out this need, the IAB today published an open letter, signed by Google, 16 US publishers and six UK publishers, asking marketers to use HTML5 for their ad creative so that their campaigns can show up properly across screens. 

    This plea to marketers is the first step in a larger “Make Mobile Work” Initiative, in which the IAB, supported by Google and the other publishers, will provide additional resources to marketers to educate them on how to implement successful mobile advertising campaigns. 

    By fostering the conversation and educating marketers, we hope the “Make Mobile Work” Initiative will invigorate the production of mobile-compatible campaigns, enable marketers to take advantage of the mobile opportunity, and provide publishers with the inventory they need to monetize their mobile properties. 

    1 source: eMarketer “US Mobile Phone Internet Users and Penetration, 2012-2017.”
    2 source:
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