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The Goals

  • Deliver very high quality inventory to advertisers.
  • Minimize time spent on administrative tasks.
  • Improve operational efficiency.

The Approach

  • Launched programmatic guaranteed.
  • Automated procedures.

The Results

  • Reduced manual operations, trafficking and invoicing.
  • Freed up valuable time to spend on strategy and data analysis.


Published January 2016

Condé Nast wanted to automate manual processes in order to have more time for strategy and analysis. With support from MediaCom, they adopted a new approach based around programmatic guaranteed, which eliminated the need to exchange endless emails, invoices and documents with clients. “It’s exactly what a publisher like us needs in a digital environment that is always more and more demanding,” explains Condé Nast's Elia Blei.

Programmatic guaranteed is a huge game-changer for clients, for publishers and for agencies.

Elia Blei, Commercial Director Digital and Large Markets, Condé Nast


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