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Published July 2016

Native advertising isn’t a new thing — advertisers have long known that beautiful, relevant ad creative that fits the form and function of the surrounding page is more engaging and less disruptive for consumers. But as consumers have shifted to mobile devices, it’s become increasingly complex for advertisers to adapt their messages to mirror content experiences across all screens. 

Programmatic Native Ads in DoubleClick Bid Manager, which Paul Muret announced in his DoubleClick Leadership Summit Livestream on Tuesday, helps you easily build beautiful, relevant ads, across screens and at scale. 

Beautiful ads that scale across publishers

Programmatic Native in DoubleClick Bid Manager empowers advertisers with flexible, component-based ads, which allows a single set of creative elements to be configured to fit the form and function of any site or app. 

To create a native campaign, an advertiser simply submits their creative elements, such as headlines, images and call-to-action messages. DoubleClick then assembles these components in real-time into multiple formats and styles to fit each publisher’s unique content. This ensures your native campaign will work with any publisher’s inventory while minimizing the need for expensive and time-consuming custom assets.


Backed by the power of DoubleClick

Building your native ads in DoubleClick allows you to make your native strategy a part of your broader digital strategy, rather than having it live in a silo. You can apply DoubleClick’s targeting, buying and measurement capabilities that you’re accustomed to for your programmatic campaigns, to your native ads as well. This means you can share insights across campaigns, measure success in one place and manage reach and frequency across all of your ads, holistically.

Programmatic Native ads in DoubleClick Bid Manager can help you close the gap between great artistic vision and great digital ad experiences, so you can deliver beautiful ads at scale. To learn more about these new formats, reach out to your DoubleClick Sales Representative.