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Published August 2016

At the DoubleClick Leadership Summit we introduced three new audience features to make it easier to find and reach your audience.

Consumers show intent and interest in different ways. They may watch videos, browse websites and apps or explore search results to learn more about a new car or credit card offer. Every one of these actions becomes a signal, indicating potential interest in various products and services, and these signals offer opportunities to reach your audience with a message that resonates. To use these signals requires powerful tools, which ensure you’re reaching the right audience — across all media.

In November we announced three new audience features coming to the platform, and at the DoubleClick Leadership Summit we discussed each further.

Full suite of Google Audience Solutions in DoubleClick Bid Manager

First, you can now use all of Google’s proprietary Audience Solutions in DoubleClick Bid Manager to find the audience you’re looking for. Whether you’re trying to increase awareness at the top of the funnel or drive conversions, we can help you reach your audience at scale. Our full suite of audience products are based on aggregated and anonymous data from consumer interactions with millions of websites and apps, as well as billions of daily YouTube video views.

Recently at DoubleClick Leadership Summit, we announced two additional audience products that allow you to be even more precise in your audience goals, including: 

  • Custom Affinity Audiences lets you create your own affinity audience and reach exactly the audience you're looking for — because you create the audience parameters.
  • Similar Audiences looks at data about your existing remarketing audiences and finds new and qualified consumers who share interests with that audience. It's a powerful but simple way to reach a much larger, high performing audience and drive clicks and conversions among new prospects.

iProspect, a digital advertising agency, was able to test, as a beta, Custom Affinity’s unique ability to reach niche audiences at scale on behalf of their clients. They had this to say:

By using Custom Affinity audiences we were able to reach a specialized audience for Eurostar while driving a 54% higher ROI than more complex, harder-to-implement audience strategies. Overall, this result has been really encouraging and we will be looking to use Custom Affinity target across a wider swath of our clients.

Pranay Damji, Programmatic Trader, iProspect

New audience targeting workflow in DoubleClick Bid Manager

Secondly, we’re not only expanding the audience solutions you can access in Bid Manager — we’re also making it easier for you to organize, find and activate audiences at scale. As you build your audience strategy for your programmatic campaigns, you might be using different types of audiences: your own data, Google Audience solutions and information from other 3rd party data providers. For this reason we’ve introduced an intuitive and powerful workflow. It provides several benefits:

  • Granular forecasting: You can get precise estimates on reach, age and gender and devices, and the estimation will take all of your other settings into consideration as well. 
  • More control: When selecting an audience list for a new campaign, you always get precise estimates of how many consumers your ads will reach.

Using search insights to validate and reach your audience

Lastly, we’re introducing new audience reports in DoubleClick Search so you can see how your search ads perform for audience categories assembled by Google. It includes age, gender, in-market and affinity audiences. You can also use these search insights to understand which audiences are responding to your ads, identify top performing audiences you're not currently reaching, and add them into new or existing campaigns in DoubleClick Bid Manager.

For example, let’s say you’re reaching users interested in fashion to build awareness of a new line of sunglasses. After looking over your search insights, you find that the Google audience segment “Music Lovers” is also clicking on your ads. To make the most of your digital spend, you should be engaging with this critical segment. Search insights allows you to understand your audience targets and more effectively use display budgets. 

And, if you use DoubleClick Campaign Manager to manage your display advertising, you can see in DoubleClick Search which display remarketing lists are also responding to your search ads. Once you understand how your search and display audiences overlap, you can set up display-to-search remarketing for your AdWords campaigns, or search-to-display remarketing in DoubleClick Bid Manager. Learn more.

Programmatic has increased the amount of audience data you can use to make your ads more relevant. In the future, the sophistication of audience signals will increasingly make it easier to reach consumers in the moments that matter the most. For this reason DoubleClick is investing in making it easier for you to build and execute on your audience strategy at scale across all of your media buys, whether search, mobile, video or display.


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