DoubleClick by GoogleDoubleClick by Google

The Goals

  • Raise brand awareness.
  • Drive traffic to product website.

The Approach

  • Created programmatic display campaign with remarketing.
  • Used DoubleClick solutions to test and optimize.
  • Increased mobile budget in alignment with real-time trends in device usage.

The Results

  • In some countries, 70% of reach on YouTube masthead came from mobile.
  • Rich media was responsible for 189% of post-view activity.


Published September 2015

Michelin wanted to raise awareness about a new cross-climate tyre through a unique online experience. Their agency MEC created a programmatic display campaign using DoubleClick. While initially ads were aimed at desktop users, reporting showed that up to 70% of users in some countries were coming from mobile. In response, Michelin and MEC increased the budget for mobile ads, leading to significant performance gains.