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The Goals

  • Better understand multi-platform user behaviour on the Reebonz website
  • Improve ad spend ROI for users who convert across platforms

The Approach

  • Used Analytics 360 to understand the customer journey across devices
  • Optimized strategy using cross-device signals in DoubleClick Search

The Results

  • 55.4% increase in search marketing return on ad spend (ROAS)
  • 20% increase in search marketing transactions


Published January 2018

Does mobile sell more McQueen? That was a key question for Reebonz, a luxury marketplace for Alexander McQueen shoes, Balenciaga bags and everything in-between. Founded in 2009 to make luxury accessible to consumers, Reebonz reaches fashion-savvy buyers and sellers across Asia Pacific, Australia and Singapore.

As worldwide mobile usage skyrockets, the need for non-siloed data grows more critical. Marketers need to understand the impact of their ads along an increasingly fragmented customer journey, one that might begin on one device and end on another. Reebonz set out to discover the influence of mobile on their own path to purchase. They wanted to know how their ad spend was reaching and influencing users who convert across devices.

Like many sophisticated advertisers, Reebonz works with many partners to leverage best-in-class capabilities across insights and execution. For this campaign, Reebonz turned to Sparkline, their Google Analytics 360 analytics consultants.  Sparkline set up Analytics 360 to connect data across devices from Reebonz' logged in users, allowing Reebonz to gain a single view of their customers using the User ID override feature. This allows Reebonz to review and analyze the full customer journey directly in Google Analytics 360. This recommended  new setup revealed exciting insights: when mobile web was part of the purchase path, cross device reports showed that conversions improved up to 2.8 times.

Example of a cross-device report from GA360. Reebonz used this report type to gain insight about valuable mobile cross-device users who were 2.8X more likely to convert.

To act on this untapped opportunity in mobile, Reebonz approached Performics, their media agency partner. Performics enabled cross-environment conversion reporting in Reebonz’ DoubleClick Search bidding strategies. The process was a simple as ticking a box, but produced high returns. The cross environment signals led to a 55.4% increase in ROAS and 20% increase in transactions originating from paid search. Using DoubleClick Search to focus on their cross-device customers, Reebonz could value their existing activity more accurately and increase their cross-environment conversions on Google.

This powerful combination of insights from Google Analytics 360 and DoubleClick Search capabilities had a large impact on Reebonz’ business, as Reebonz CEO notes:

Users have multiple ways of engaging with Reebonz to sell and buy products. Understanding how our advertising can best target users working across devices is an important step in Reebonz’ marketing strategy. Our work with Google, Sparkline and Performics helped us understand this shift and act on it. With over 50% ROAS uplift on search, we’re extremely happy with the results.

Ben Han, Co-Founder, Reebonz

The answer, in short: mobile does sell more McQueen — and more Ferragamo, Prada and Jimmy Choo.


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