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Published May 2017

At Google Marketing Next 2017, we took to the stage to share product updates that will help you transform your marketing. Watch the live stream recording and explore the collection of articles inspired by these talks to delve deeper into the insights, trends and innovations discussed.

There are more opportunities to enjoy video than ever before. We’re able to watch great content wherever, whenever and however we want, from the small screens in our pockets to the large screens in our living rooms. We’re no longer bound to set viewing schedules — but this means advertisers don’t always know how or where to reach their audience.

Making the most of every screen starts with an approach to planning and measurement that helps you understand where your audiences spend their time. To make this process easier, we’re working to make DoubleClick Bid Manager a more versatile tool for your planning and measurement needs, so you can reach your audience.

Smarter planning in DoubleClick Bid Manager

The programmatic revolution has focused on combining data, machine learning and automation to drive better performance. However, few of these benefits have carried over to the world of media planning. To help save you time and improve performance, we’re bringing the power of machine learning to campaign planning with a new workflow in Bid Manager. 

Bid Manager uses machine learning to analyze your past campaigns and understand what's performed well for you before. With these insights, it will recommend the right inventory and targeting to reach your audience based on your unique marketing goals. The result is an optimized media plan tailored to your business, which you can then tweak, approve and activate with one click.

New workflow in DoubleClick Bid Manager
New workflow in DoubleClick Bid Manager

We’ve heard great feedback about planning in Bid Manager from customers like National Bank of Canada. Planning has helped them reduce the manual work and time needed to go from planning to launch, freeing up more time for other strategic activities.

Planning in DoubleClick Bid Manager helps us find the right inventory and strategies in a matter of seconds. Now we can invest even more time in understanding our audience rather than how we should reach them.

Louise Lévesque, Vice-President, Marketing & Sponsorship, National Bank of Canada

Unique Reach arrives for DoubleClick campaigns

Once your ads are up and running, you want to know how many people are seeing them. Reach and frequency are hallmark metrics to measure the impact of display and video campaigns. At the same time, you need to be thoughtful about how often you connect with a single user to avoid overloading them. Data shows that 30% of people today use five or more devices — that means if you reach someone three times on each screen, you could be showing them fifteen ads.

We launched Unique Reach for YouTube in AdWords earlier this year and are now bringing these metrics to DoubleClick for all your video and display ads, no matter where they run. Unique Reach helps you measure the number of unique users and average impressions-per-user you get from video and display ads. Metrics are de-duplicated across devices, campaigns, inventory and formats so you can see how many people you reached and how often you reach them.

We’re focused on making Bid Manager an end-to-end solution that can help you reach the right audience and achieve your brand goals. Smarter planning isn’t just about optimization — it’s about making sure the right people hear you. We’re working to make it easier than ever for you to reach them, across screens and channels, from one centralized tool. 

To learn more about how DoubleClick Bid Manager can be an end-to-end campaign solution, explore some of our case studies.


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Giving credit where it’s due with smarter attribution

    At Google Marketing Next 2017, we took to the stage to share product updates that will help you transform your marketing. Watch the live stream recording and explore the collection of articles inspired by these talks to delve deeper into the insights, trends and innovations discussed.

    Transparent and comprehensive measurement gives advertisers full sight into the impact of their marketing. But reliance on last-click attribution poses a challenge. A holistic, cross-channel view of what’s driving your marketing performance is key to understanding how to value each customer touchpoint. 

    We have two new launches to help every business, large or small, solve the attribution challenge. On Tuesday, we announced Google Attribution, a new free product to help marketers measure their campaigns. Now, to meet the needs of our largest advertisers, we’re launching an updated version of our enterprise offering: Google Attribution 360.  

    Just like with the free product, Attribution 360 is an easy to set up, actionable, cross-channel, cross-device attribution tool. It’s also highly customizable, so you can get a view of your marketing performance that aligns with how you view your business. The updated version of Attribution 360 is currently in beta, and will roll out to more advertisers over the next few months. 

    Fast setup for higher productivity

    Enterprises shouldn’t need a team of data scientists to implement a better attribution model, or wait months to get results. That’s why we’ve built a frictionless system that lets you quickly set up your Google Attribution 360 account.

    Attribution 360 integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics, DoubleClick Campaign Manager, DoubleClick Bid Manager and DoubleClick Search. You simply link your accounts and receive all your marketing event data in Attribution 360 within 48 hours — no need for retagging and no data loss between systems.

    Tackling the attribution challenge with flexible data

    Data sits at the core of the attribution challenge. For marketing analytics to provide powerful and actionable insights, they must be rooted in accurate and comprehensive data.

    Attribution 360’s rich set of data management features allow you to connect all your external data sources. With enhanced preview capabilities, in-product data quality reporting and the ability to reprocess the numbers if you make setup changes, Attribution 360 provides the tools you need to ensure high-quality and complete data.

    Measuring the impact of TV

    Since many marketers leverage TV to reach their target audience, understanding the performance of TV ads is critical for determining overall marketing success.

    TV attribution in Attribution 360 lets you measure TV effectiveness as easily as you measure digital. Available directly in the Attribution 360 UI at no extra cost, the TV attribution feature draws in minute-by-minute digital and broadcast data to show how your TV commercials drive cross-channel performance.

    Tools that transform insights into action

    Insights are only valuable if you can put them into action. We’re making it easy for you to apply insights from Attribution 360 to optimizing your marketing through key features, integrations and support.

    A host of new programmatic connections allows you to enhance your bidding strategy and reporting by sending data directly to bidding systems so your media buys use the most accurate attribution data. The in-product Digital Optimizer lets you explore a variety of optimization scenarios to inform future marketing investments and make your media more effective and efficient.

    Attribution 360 in action

    UK-based insurance comparison site,, used Attribution 360 to increase paid search conversion. They leveraged the tool to uncover how people really interacted with’s marketing messages and what drove customers to convert.

    By revealing how each search keyword impacted the customer journey, could align their bidding strategy to improve the return on investment of their paid search. This lead to a 28% increase in quote requests at a lower cost per acquisition.

    Sophia Glennon, PPC Manager at, couldn’t be happier: “With careful data analysis and insights from Attribution 360, we’ve increased our quote volume and lowered our overall cost per acquisition. We’re now able to re-invest what we’ve saved back into paid search and put real pressure on our competitors.”

    Prioritizing solutions that help drive your performance

    Holistic insight into marketing performance is critical for enterprise businesses. By investing in simple and flexible solutions that help you understand the impact of your campaigns, we aim to solve the attribution challenge and empower your team with the right data to improve your marketing.

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