DoubleClick by GoogleDoubleClick by Google

The Goals

  • Attract premium audiences
  • Improve efficiency in buying across 19 international markets
  • Increase advertising performance

The Approach

  • Used DoubleClick’s integrated marketing platform
  • Implemented Programmatic Guaranteed buying on premium sites
  • Ran campaign across 19 countries

The Results

  • Boosted efficiency by 50% in terms of time spent
  • Surpassed campaign average for performance
  • Click-through rate improved by 13% in US and by 34% in Europe


Published February 2017

To attract business class passengers across 19 countries, Turkish Airlines partnered with VivaKi to use Programmatic Guaranteed on DoubleClick, enabling the team to combine the automation of programmatic with the premium benefits of traditional media buying. They reserved premium inventory at fixed pricing and used customer data to market to specific valuable segments across integrated platforms.

Programmatic guaranteed creates a difference in our business in terms of operational efficiency and return on investment.

Rafet Fatih Ozgur, Advertising Manager, Turkish Airlines


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