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Published October 2017

By Ryan Joe, Ad Exchanger

Google is swooping in for TV advertising dollars with a slate of TV-related product releases and updates. While Google revealed these products on Tuesday during its Publisher Leadership Summit in Chicago, it will formally announce them during TV Week in mid-October.

First up are TV Content Explorer and TV Modeled Forecasting, both of which are coming to open beta later this quarter.

Content Explorer features a new interface and machine learning designed to give broadcasters revenue-related insights around their content so they can better plan and sell against their shows.

TV Modeled Forecasting is designed to give publishers an understanding of audience viewership patterns. The tool, which is an update rather than a new product, provides insights related to reach and traffic for a grouping of shows.

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TV made smarter with DoubleClick

    At our recent partner leadership summit, we discussed new innovations across our platform to help our partners grow and create sustainable businesses. Explore the collection of articles inspired by these talks that address product innovation, key industry trends and how to tackle the most difficult challenges facing publishers and advertisers today.

    I used to wait all week to watch 90210 on Thursday nights at 9:00. Today, I can binge watch Breaking Bad whenever I want, wherever I want. Whether it’s 1997 or 2017, there is one simple thing that keeps us coming back to TV — great content. But the issue today is that the experience and the content are often at odds — while the content is addictive, the experience is not.

    I believe that the future of TV is one that’s smarter — that brings together the TV content you love with the seamless experience of digital — on every screen or surface. Building towards that future, at our Partner Leadership Summit in Chicago early this month, we announced several new products and features to DoubleClick for Publishers, made for our TV.

    Video ad experiences get smarter, live and on-demand, with Dynamic Ad Insertion

    Over the years, we’ve rebuilt our video platform from the ground up — we knew that TV was a very different experience from the web and we knew that broadcasters had different challenges, infrastructure, distribution partners and content from web publishers. With TV coming to digital, we put our stake in the future of building for a better user experience — one that was connected, always on, and on-demand.

    Powering dynamic ad insertion has become a leading benefit of our platform. Over the last couple of years, we’ve successfully powered dynamic ad insertion for live streaming and on-demand content for many of the largest news, sports events and episodic premiers. In fact, over the past two years alone we’ve seen a 4X increase in ad impressions delivered via our Dynamic Ad Insertion product by TV partners like CBSi, AMC, Bloomberg, TF1 and many more.1

    Smarter TV ad breaks optimize revenue within each pod, programmatically

    We’re also bringing new updates to a key feature of our platform — smarter TV ad breaks. With this update, ad slots no longer need to be sold as fixed lengths in the break. Smarter TV ad breaks automatically optimize your ad break to the revenue-maximizing combination of ads, personalized and relevant for each viewer. For example, a ninety second ad break can now be filled by two 15-second and two 30-second ads or one 15-second, one 60-second and two 6-second bumper ads depending on what will bring you the most revenue. Importantly, we’re able to do this across your programmatic or reservation deals, while respecting your business rules, such as competitive exclusions and frequency capping within the break or stream.

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