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Published June 2017

By John Mannes, TechCrunch 

We have all suffered the pain of seeing the same ad for a BBQ grill we can’t fit in our apartment on our phone, tablet, laptop and work desktop. The duplication is not only annoying, it’s wasteful for advertisers.

At Google’s Marketing Next conference in San Francisco, the company announced Unique Reach, a new measurement tool that captures the number of times the same person has seen an ad. Unique Reach aggregates impressions across devices, campaigns and formats.

Unique Reach measures how many people are shown display and video ads and captures unique users in addition to average impressions per unique user.

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    There are more opportunities to enjoy video than ever before. We’re able to watch great content wherever, whenever and however we want, from the small screens in our pockets to the large screens in our living rooms. We’re no longer bound to set viewing schedules — but this means advertisers don’t always know how or where to reach their audience.

    Making the most of every screen starts with an approach to planning and measurement that helps you understand where your audiences spend their time. To make this process easier, we’re working to make DoubleClick Bid Manager a more versatile tool for your planning and measurement needs, so you can reach your audience.

    Smarter planning in DoubleClick Bid Manager

    The programmatic revolution has focused on combining data, machine learning and automation to drive better performance. However, few of these benefits have carried over to the world of media planning. To help save you time and improve performance, we’re bringing the power of machine learning to campaign planning with a new workflow in Bid Manager. 

    Bid Manager uses machine learning to analyze your past campaigns and understand what's performed well for you before. With these insights, it will recommend the right inventory and targeting to reach your audience based on your unique marketing goals. The result is an optimized media plan tailored to your business, which you can then tweak, approve and activate with one click.

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