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Actionable insights

Actionable insights

Consumers are weaving fascinating paths across all their devices. Marketers have never had so much data – but are you making the most of it? How well do you really know your customer? Are you going beyond simple demographics and psychographics? Are you able to develop a clear picture of your user – at any given point in time?

DoubleClick helps take your marketing further by joining up real-time data – across any screen, across every step of a user’s journey, across all of the web – to produce meaningful insights that drive more powerful campaigns and deliver true impact.

Precise marketing

No two people follow the same journey – so why serve them identical ads? To win hearts and minds, marketers need to deliver better experiences through personalised approaches.

DoubleClick makes precise marketing a reality, transforming insights into action, enabling messaging that’s uniquely tailored to the right consumer at the right moment and in the right place.

Wherever they are

Each day billions of people around the globe are living out their lives across screens and devices, fulfilling their needs online, always connected. Is your brand there for them when they need you?

DoubleClick can help you reach consumers wherever they are – whether they’re searching for travel tips on mobile during their Monday morning commute, reading their Sunday newspaper on a tablet at the neighbourhood coffee shop, or watching their favourite YouTube video on desktop. With DoubleClick you can create and deliver beautiful, high-impact ads that your users want to see, across screens and across the entire web.

The Boston Consulting Group reports that data-driven techniques improve both consumer engagement and campaign performance by up to 50%

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